Project management is an extensive domain spanning across industries.

In this article, we have selected 11 project management tools that can be adapted by different industries (IT, healthcare, finance, and infrastructure) and many more.

Also, we have included the top features with their pricing information and availability i.e. free or open-source.

Before that let’s find;

What you can do with Project Management Software?

Project management software/tool helps project managers to manage the entire project lifecycle from initiation to closure. The PM software can be used online as a SaaS-based subscription model and also on-premise depending on your preference.

These tools have the features to plan projects, track budgets, manage tasks, allocate resources, analyze charts and reports, share documents, and collaborate with teams globally.

Some of the project management software also includes additional portfolio management or program management features in addition to basic task management, time tracking, collaboration and project reporting capabilities.

The top 11 Project Management Tools

Here we have tried to cover a broad range of software considering the functionality, complexity, and price points of the various project management tools.

But in real-life it will come down to you and your workflow, and what precise functionality you need to make that job better.

  1. Orangescrum

Orangescrum is all-in-one online collaborative work management software for teams of all sizes. Organize your projects, bring your teams and stay on top of your business!

Its feature-rich Android and IOS mobile apps are a huge plus to access your work anytime, anywhere.

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