One of the almost everyday queries we receive goes something like this "We are operating in the Middle East (UK, Canada, SEA, etc.) but SOC2 is a US standard, is it applicable to our company?" It’s a fair question that we decided to address in this video. This is a very practical query pondered upon by many companies before making a significant investment of time and money.

This short and informative video summarizes quite a bit of our experience garnered over more than a hundred international SOC2 assignments.

SOC2 Report is an audit report of Service Organizations that details the effectiveness of an organization's internal controls. The report serves as a validation document stating that all the necessary security controls are in place and appropriately safeguard business-critical information and systems. It serves as evidence to clients who need to assess and address the risks associated with the outsourced service.

These critically essential audit reports are drafted by Qualified Auditors known as the (CPA) Certified Public Accountant.

Watch this video: