Warehousing is a requirement for most firms that produce or transit goods. And if the produce is perishable then a cold storage warehouse plays a pivotal role. For many, it is an optional investment, which can provide a command over the inventory and assures that the goods reach on time, all this leading to higher profits.

When a complete cold chain logistic solution for the customers is considered, one name that immediately comes up is Crystal Logistic Cool Chain Ltd., the best warehouse service provider in the country. At Crystal Logistic, products of all temperature ranges are handled: frozen, chilled, ambient and dry. This company implements innovative technologies which ensure conserving fresh and perishable food items in an ideal condition without hampering their quality. The company also provides refrigerated trucks. Crystal offers cost effective cold chain services and apart from its cold storage warehouse service it also provides various types of refrigerated storage like:

Refrigerated containers:

These containers are the most advanced value-effective alternative for chilled warehousing of temperature dependent stocks. As they are portable, it increases their adaptability and flexibility.

Blast freezers and chillers:

When it is required to instantly cool and stock food, Blast freezers and chillers offer the ideal form of storage.

Large customized portable cold storage:

Depending on their stocks and the different requirements of their customers, many companies have the need of custom cold storage facilities. Such companies can employ a custom or assigned cold storage warehouse, Crystal Logistic Cool Chain design and install large customized portable cold storages at the customer’s location in just 72 hours.

Crystal Logistic Cool Chain offers its services to pharmaceuticals, fruits & vegetables, fishery, poultry, meat, dairy, confectionary, electronic, engineering and many other industries. Crystal always endeavors to provide better service to its customers with a view for better management and operations of its cold storage facility. The expertise and technical knowhow of this firm is quite well known.