For those large farms, the problem of cow manure cleaning is a big worry, I don't know how to clean the cow manure. But we just need to know the correct cleaning method, which will not only bring us no trouble, but also bring us extra income. Let's take a look at the technology of producing powdered organic fertilizer with cow manure.

It only needs these steps to produce powdered organic fertilizer from cow manure:
1. The cow manure and cow urine are collected to make compost, which can be fermented naturally. In the fertilizer production process, the full fermentation is carried out by means of the compost windrow turner or artificial way, and the fermentation can be better only if it is timely and even.
2. The fermented cow manure can be put into the forklift bin to clean up the large amount of impurities.
3. In the transportation to the screening machine, the fermented materials are screened, and the bulk materials are passed through the horizontal mixer of the belt conveyor.
4. The horizontal crusher then pulverizes the large raw materials to form the powdered organic fertilizer, and finally packs and stores them in the warehouse.

The equipment of small organic fertilizer production line can include excrement dehydrator, fermentation compost windrow turner, crusher, mixer, batching machine, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveyor, etc.

If you want to reduce investment costs, you can choose small-scale equipment configuration: crusher, organic fertilizer granulator, screening machine, packaging machine, etc. The investment scale will be expanded when the opportunity is ripe in the future.

Most of the organic fertilizer production in the farm meets the requirements of environmental protection, and the quality requirements of the finished organic fertilizer are not high, so low configuration organic fertilizer machine is adopted. The coating machine, round throwing machine, drying machine and cooling machine in the whole equipment can not be used. The round throwing machine and coating machine are used to improve the appearance quality of organic fertilizer particles in the fertilizer production process. The drying machine and cooling machine are used to quickly remove the moisture in the organic fertilizer particles. If not, the manual air drying method can be adopted.