Are you searching for the Best Indoor Plants Melbourne? You have come to the right place. Here you will have a clear image of indoor plants and why they are necessary. In the current generation, the competition is to such an extent that people have no outdoor time. This creates fatigue, stress, and tension that lead to an overall health issue. Doctors ask their clients to have a hobby during leisure.

The cut-throat competition leaves no time, but you can easily maintain the gardening hobby with indoor plants. Sometimes the staying within the four walls can be tiring and gets boring. Indoor plants are a perfect choice. Besides, you can get relief from the tight schedule for a minute to water these plants.

Benefits of Keeping Indoor Plants

Planting trees and plants is necessary, as you all know. It helps to provide oxygen and remove toxins from surroundings. Indoor plants work in the same manner. They need little care, and therefore, can fit in your busy schedule easily. Here are some benefits of indoor plants:

1. Removes toxins and provides fresh air.
2. Adds positivity in life and helps to enhance creativity and productivity.
3. Reduces fatigue, stress, and boredom.
4. Provides mental satisfaction as doctors say that Plants Make Happy.

Best Plants for Indoors and Office Desk

In some renowned offices, indoor plants have a place on the desk that adds beauty and positivity to life. Here are some of them:

Lucky Bamboo

One of the Best Indoor Plants Melbourne, lucky bamboo, is one of the cutest and most unusual indoor plants on the table. These plants differ in characteristics. Some lucky bamboo plants have stems like heart, spirals and also wave shape that make them interesting. A tinge of yellow on the green stem makes it attractive and unique.

People or clients visiting your office will find these indoor plants attractive to create a better reputation in the market. You need not provide them with the extra facility to grow. They do well with little light and water in a week or two. Therefore, you can add greenery to your life easily.


One of the most exciting and unique indoor plants that one can have in their office, home, and even desk is Tillandsia. It does not require any soil to grow, which makes it clean and neat. As you need not to provide soil, you can easily place it in a pot and hang it with a fishing line. These dangling plants will surely attract eyes. People also call these plants ‘air plants’.

You can also find Tillandsia in a variety of shapes and features. Some are rosy spiked, silver, and green making them more attractive. If you are looking for something unique and out of the blues, Tillandsia is the best choice.

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