What is Operculectomy?

Operculectomy is a kind of surgical treatment that includes the removal of the operculum or the cover of gum that covers the tooth partially. The procedure is performed due to Pericoronitis that occurs when you have pain and inflammation in the operculum.

Usually, this condition is common among young adults especially those whose wisdom teeth begin to develop. If you are experiencing such a type of condition, you should visit a dentist open near me.


The dental operculum is a section of soft tissue that develops partially on the erupted tooth. Commonly, it is associated with lower wisdom teeth. You can also see them covering permanent molars and some baby teeth. This situation is quite apparent when the tooth starts developing and peeking through the gum tissue. Normally, the gum tissue shrinks as the tooth is in progression and moves into its proper position. To deal with such a situation, visit the dentist office near me.

In this case, the lower wisdom teeth have no enough space left for the tooth to develop fully and come out of the gum line. The operculum does not recede and can cover the affected teeth permanently. This kind of situation causes dental health issues. You may experience biting the adjacent cheek tissue or the operculum itself. Other than that, tooth decay also may occur since it becomes difficult to clean the area below the gum. It might develop even if you are maintaining oral hygiene because the upper molars can develop pressure on their lower counterpart leading to pain. This might impact your quality of life as you won’t find eating easy. For more information, you should visit DDS near me.

Who is the right person to go through Operculectomy?

Persons who are suffering from acute pericoronitis are the right candidates for Operculectomy. The condition arises due to a sudden onset of swelling of the operculum leading to pain and discomfort.

Main indications of acute pericoronitis may include swollen gum tissue, fever, development of pus in the affected area. It is necessary to deal with this in time otherwise it may lead to other systemic complications including swollen lymph nodes, and weakness.


What is the procedure of Operculectomy?

Professionals give local anesthesia to the patient before the procedure is being started. Then, they make one or more cuts on the operculum to eliminate the flap on the top of the affected tooth. They use a scalpel to remove the additional gum tissue. They can also use a radio-surgical loop to eliminate the operculum. Then they close the wound with the sutures or they can leave it open to heal by itself.

The procedure may also be performed by using electrocautery in which a tiny probe is placed on the affected site and a mild electric current is transmitted into the gum tissue. The resulting heat from the current helps destroy the operculum. This helps dentists to cut through and remove the gum tissue easily. This procedure does not need any dressing.

In addition, it can be treated by using a diode laser to perform the elimination of a swollen operculum.

There are other techniques also to deal with such kinds of issues. If you are experiencing any discomfort and pain due to the operculum, you should visit a dentist to determine the best possible solution for you.

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