Find My Bin provides a service of identifying bank card data by BIN. The company was founded in 2016 by a group of young programmers and has been providing a great service to everyone for free ever since. We are constantly developing and improving it. We hope that we are doing something useful for everyone.

What is a bank card BIN? Why check it and how?

All credit and debit cards issued by any financial institution are assigned a Bank Identification Number (BIN).

We provide information about:

  • what charge card information is in the BIN and when you can't do without it;
  • how to ascertain whether the BIN is correct, as it is very important when for some reason it is not possible to make a payment. This becomes particularly important when you have decided to make a long trip.

The initial six digits on the card are the BIN.

The main purpose of the code is to identify a financial institution in the payment systems (PS) when carrying out transactions with your card. The first digit is the marker of the PS where it is serviced. For American Express it is 3, for VISA it is 4 and Master Card is 5.

BIN also indicates the bank and country where this payment instrument was issued and to which premium level it belongs (Classic, Electron, Gold and others) and category (debit, credit, debit with an overdraft).

Why do I need coded information?

There is no need for this information when making regular payments. However, in cases when payment fails in a store, a terminal, when ordering any services, the first thing you need to do is to check the BIN of your credit card. You also need it if you are going on a business or tourist trip, want to rent a car, buy a trip or book a hotel room.

Causes and solution of "incorrect" BIN

The most common problems with payments:

  • You were issued a debit card instead of a credit card or vice versa; however, you should be aware that the credit limit can be enabled by the bank through an overdraft operation, which allows you to make a payment with a final minus on your balance.
  • A payment card is not issued by the bank where you received it, but by another financial institution in accordance with the partnership agreement.
  • The appearance of the plastic card does not correspond to its premium value.
  • The card, received in a domestic bank, is read as issued in Europe, as it is a branch of a European bank.
  • If it is a gift payment card serviced by another country's financial institution.

Options for the case of a card with incorrect BIN

  1. If the purchase is paid for with a card defined as a foreign one.
  • The payment can be made without any problems.
  • The transaction will not be executed.
  • The money will be debited, but you will be asked to produce a photocopy of your means of payment and proof of identity.When booking a hotel room or renting a car the payment does not take place, when the card, designed as a credit card, is identified as a debit card, or vice versa.
  1. You will have to pay by other means and contact the financial institution that issued the card to resolve the issue.
  2. If you pay abroad with linked foreign currency account, you can pay with double conversion at the interbank rate between your and the foreign banking institution which serves this payment transaction.

This is a far incomplete list of problems that may arise, but it is enough to understand why you should check the BIN in time. If any of the above mentioned or any other situation related to the code occurs, the easiest way to insure against such problems is to apply for another card, but without any "pitfalls".

To short conclusion

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