How to outsource app development?

  1. Look for reliable tech vendors on platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms.
  2. Check the vendor's portfolio and reviews from previous clients.
  3. Coordinate all the meetings and checkpoints with the vendor's team.
  4. Use messaging apps like Slack for instant communication.

Price depends on the country to outsource to. In the US or Canada, devs charge $100-$199 per hour, in Western Europe $50-$100/hr, in Eastern Europe $25-$50/hr, Latin America $30-$50/hr, Asia $18-$40/hr.

What does it mean "outsource app development"?

It means you're delegating the creation of native iOS/Android apps for smartphones and tablets to another country. For example, it's when you're located in the US, but the development team that works on your app lives in Germany or Poland.

What advantages in outsource?

It's faster and cheaper to delegate MVP development to an outsourcing company than hire in-house employees. Besides, many outsourcing companies offer extra services—make business analysis, prepare documentation, wireframes for lower prices than in the US or Canada.

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