Industrial rainwater harvesting is becoming more popular in the business world as water becomes more scares and costly. Small and large manufacturing units which often have huge requirement of water for daily use and can benefit from a commercial water harvesting system.

In many industries there is a great demand for water to keep buildings and equipment cool. Water is also used in many manufacturing processes as well as day-to-day operations such as irrigation and toilet flushing. A great solution to offset the high water demand is industrial rainwater harvesting.

While there is some initial cost of setting up a water harvesting system, the payoff can be huge. A typical system harvesting rainwater for cooling tower make-up can save millions of gallons of water each year. As water rates continue to climb, this water savings can translate directly to a monetary savings as well.

The harvested water can be treated on site and used for non-potable applications. Logically, there is no reason to use potable water to flush toilets. By installing a water harvesting system, a commercial building is reducing its dependence on the municipal water supply.

While water harvesting can clearly have a positive impact on the conservation of this vital resource, there is little in the way of unintended consequences. There is little energy consumption, it reduces the load on aging stormwater infrastructures, and it does not create pollution or harmful byproducts. In all aspects, industrial rainwater harvesting is a great solution to water scarcity.

About the Author:

Water Harvesting Solutions Inc., is an expert in designing, building, and delivering custom systems for on-site water reuse of greywater, rainwater and stormwater on commercial and institutional projects throughout the USA and Canada.