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Whether, you want to enhance your physical fitness, or you want to learn a fitness sport like boxing, you need the help of professional trainer that can guide you to attain best fitness. Australia is a country where people are fitness conscious, as a result of which you will find hundreds of gymnasiums and fitness centers all over the country.

Each fitness center has its own methods of training to help people achieve their desired goals. You can look for a reputable Abbotsford Boxing Gym like the Tribute Boxing and Fitness gym.

Training sessions and systems have been designed in such a manner, that beginner boxing classes in Melbourne can go together with advanced boxing classes meant for more serious people. The classes are held in such a manner that professional boxing training is not affected by beginner boxing classes in Richmond.

Different boxing classes for people with different goals

One of the best aspects of the gym is that it has professional and trained boxers and fitness experts to coach all kinds of people. If you are a beginner and wish to enjoy fitness training only, you will find trainers there that will train you only to enhance your fitness to your desired levels. If you are one who wants to learn advanced boxing techniques that will take you to professional levels, they have trainers that are qualified and experts to get you there.

The Paceman Class

They have different names for different levels of training in boxing like the “Paceman” Class, where they will train you for an 8 round boxing functional strength when you go into the ring. This is the training for people that have already gone through with conventional weight training.

The Sugar Ray

This is a class meant for people that are interested in honing their boxing skills. Here you will learn to focus on your hooks and jabs and you will be trained to go through 16 rounds of 2 minutes pure boxing.

The Mayweather

This is a class which is meant for people that are looking to get the maximum in a single day. If you wish to train only once a week, Mayweather class is the best for you. It has the best features of all classes combed into one, where you will be trained one hour for cardio, one hour for boxing, and one hour for strength and endurance.

This entire session will be held under the watchful eyes of experienced and expert trainers that will take care of all the proceedings and monitor your performance.

The Roach Class

This class is meant for people wanting to burn their calories and go through 16 rounds of finest boxing experience. This class enables you to prepare your body for real boxing and judge your physical and mental strength.

Registering for the class

If you are interested in taking up their membership, you can go to their website and apply for the membership after filling their online form. You can also walk in the Tribute Boxing and Fitness gym and try your hands on the gloves. If you find it interesting, you can join it by paying the amount.