How do you give a performance review to a department that was stuck without work due to the pandemic? How do you rate a department that has suffered losses due to circumstances beyond their control? Would it be fair to schedule a performance review at a time when employees are under a lot of stress due to a global pandemic?

These are all questions that have come up in a pandemic world. When the world is constantly changing, how can you move forward with a performance management system that doesn’t take this dynamism into account? The answer is you CAN’T.

Even before the pandemic, only 14% of employees strongly agreed that their performance reviews inspired them to improve. Many organisations that believed their performance management system was modern, realised that their systems did not incorporate technology, agility and were not accessible. These have become a priority and will affect performance management not for months but years to come, especially as remote working comes to the fore. About 20 to 25 percent of the workforce in advanced economies could work from home between three to five days a week.

What Needs to Change?

Keeping the pandemic and the dynamic changes the world of performance is going through right now, here are some of the elements you must focus on to change your performance management.

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