San Francisco is the abode of some of the most profitable, recognizable, and fastest-growing companies globally and a thriving residential real estate market. The success of every company majorly lies in having a busy workplace. Developing office trends, balancing several work styles, and grasping underlying office changes are ways architects meet up with the task of designing office spaces. Today's corporate landscape focuses on making the office environment functional, healthy, and productive for employees.

Architects in the San Francisco Bay Area are aware of the need to design offices that meet the industry's progressive, demanding, luxurious and fast-paced needs. In this article is an architect that has designed some of the most inspiring and engaging office and residential buildings in the San Fransisco Bay Area.


Searching for a top-grade architectural company in San Francisco? Architect SF is your best bet. Architect SF offers in-depth design processes, excellent customer service, and unmatched knowledge of the San Francisco – Bay Area. Architects SF, Inc. is a San Francisco, CA. firm lead by Architect Francisco J. Matos, a licensed architect since 2001 (Lic. # C-34078) LEED AP. Architect SF undergoes residential and commercial projects, be it the remodeling of residential buildings, adding extra rooms, or new residential building constructions.

Architect SF undergoes commercial projects such as Restaurants, retail facilities, office buildings, and tenant improvements on existing commercial buildings. Architect SF ensures that every new project is designed based on the client's needs and project location. They are known for their innovative approach and outside-the-box thinking when it comes to architectural design. Their excellent designs the buildings are relevant in the future and excel well beyond the immediate desire of the client.

Architect SF is responsible for Modani Retail Store - 200 Kansas Street, San Francisco, CA, which is one of the finest retail stores in the area. The office space is intricately designed, airy and uncomplicated, with a clean, modern aesthetic. Its open space design invites visitors to sit, relax, and enjoy the view while going through the products on offer. Architect SF also designed office space for Wise Sons Bagels, Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA. Architect SF also designed the SOMA Tech Offices, Howard Street, San Francisco, CA, and the Scottsdale Sports, Rollins Rd., Burlingame, CA. some of the services offered by Architect SF include:

  • Provision of evaluation, investigation, and consultation services.
  • Provision of Planning, schematic and preliminary drawings, designs, working drawings, and specifications.
  • Provision of work coordination with technical and special consultants.
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable building codes and regulations and assistance in the governmental review process.
  • Provision of technical assistance in preparing bid documents and also agreements between clients and contractors.