If you want to spruce up your room or incorporate freshness into the room the first thing advised by decorators is to change your cabinet hardware. A set of designer cabinet knobs and handles can bring a touch of elegance and heighten the aesthetics of the décor. How do you go about choosing the right kind of cabinet hardware that will achieve the purpose you want?

Clarity between Cabinet Knobs & Handles

It can become quite confusing choosing the right kind of knobs and handles for your cabinetry. Understanding the functionalities of each will make things clearer. Knobs are normally attached to your cabinet drawer or door with the help of a single screw. On the other hand, handles are held onto the drawers by means of more than one screw, say two or more. While opting for knobs it is essential to go for top quality hardware so that chances of the knob shifting, rotating are minimized. They will hold on to the drawer irrespective of the weight contained inside for long times to come. As for cabinet handles whether you want to opt for a single handle or a double one for a drawer that is of greater dimensions will depend more on the style preferred by you.

Designer Cabinet Handles & Knobs for Enhancing Home Decor

In today’s times, besides functionality, aesthetics is given equal or rather more importance while choosing the cabinet hardware for the room. Designer cabinet hardware wins among all today because of the remarkable style and elegance it can lend to the room. Innumerable varieties in style, material, and design showcasing the artistry and creativity of the maker are available nowadays. This helps to cater to the demands of an increasing aesthetically inclined market. You have solid brass knobs, porcelain knobs, glass knobs, crystal knobs, and more for your cabinetry. Knobs and handles with ornate designs are there for the buyer to choose from. The styles vary from traditional to contemporary to transitional to rustic; it’s almost an endless list.

Heritage brass knobs in satin brass or antique finish or in satin, polished nickel finish and also in varied designs such as the ribbed, Venetian, round beaded, deco, anvil, and plenty more sophisticated ones add a touch of class to any room. The look of your bathroom especially can be totally spiced up by the use of designer cabinet knobs and handles without crowding the small area. A designer can let his or her creativity overflow while making the best use of such beautiful handles and knobs. Every room from your bathroom to the kitchen to the living area and bedroom and so on can be livened up without the requirement of a total renovation. There are pieces of designer cabinet hardware to fit every project and price range.


Whether you are involved in a remodeling project for your home or simply looking for a faster route to updating the look of your home, installing perfect pieces of designer cabinet knobs and handles is a great way of achieving your purpose.