Selecting a great reseller web hosting package can be crucial to the overall success of your business, particularly if your business is run primarily online. We know that wading through the details can be daunting, so we have put together a helpful guide to aid you in selecting a great package that will help your business grow without breaking your budget.

Types Of Web Hosting Packages

  • Shared web hosting

Shared hosting is the most commonly used of all hosting services and it works in much the same way as renting a shared workspace. In a shared workspace people pay a membership fee in order to use an allotted space along with other shared office resources. Shared hosting services provide essentially the same format. Shared hosting services provide space on a server that is used by you and a few hundred others, who split the overall cost.

  • VPS hosting

If shared hosting is like a membership to a shared workspace, then VPS hosting is comparable to renting a suite for your business in an office building. In this case, instead of having hundreds or even thousands of cohabiters, you only share your space with about 20 others. Additionally, your server space is partitioned off from the others utilizing the shared service.

  • Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is designed for companies with a need or a desire to have their own dedicated hosting server. To follow the office space theme above, dedicated hosting is like leasing out an entire office building for your company.

  • Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest and greatest addition to the world of hosting services. It combines many of the most advantageous aspects of the other hosting types into one that is affordable and easy to use for businesses of most sizes. This model uses resources from a myriad of computer hosts to provide clients the space they need, but only what they need, when they need it.


Therefore, you can choose any web hosting type as per your convenience and business goals.