The history of social media marketing tools is very long as river Nile, and more fascinating. I just love to share some piece of information which I found interesting and it’s great to know about the days without internet or television and I was very excited about how a business man at those periods marketed their products? So I geeked out, consequently here where I end up.

Before 1900, an era without internet, television or radios where people rely on their own strategies like word of mouth, influencers marketing or recommendations to market their product since there is only a small batch of production.

The Early 1990s paved the way for internet to rule the world. A smarter marketing idea born in this decade known as SEO (search engine optimization) which used to rank the product or service in Google or Yahoos result page.

Another huge milestone comes in the millennium, widely known as Social Media marketing born in the decade 2000.Then the Marketers are in the position to use different strategies and ready to leverage the social media to sustain in dog-eat-dog world. This exciting and interacting tool became a boon to all sort of business to promote and sell their product and to get a good reach to their audience or customers.

Starting our own business and getting good ROI is obviously a foremost aim of any business. It’s better to act according to the proverb “Look before you leap”. My humble request to all beginners in marketing is, Give priority to most popular social media platforms .Once your pocket is filled, then do some investment in testing at other new platforms sprouting regularly.

6 Most Popular And Authentic Platforms Used Widely Throughout The World

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Pinterest
  7. Snapchat

Let’s get deep into these platforms furtively; these advantageous tools constantly increase your sales and explore more customers in no time moreover it’s very cost-effective.


Instagram drives in more traffic within a specific time, where customers buys your product on seeing ads and start following you, can buy from you at regular basis. This is the very effective way of lead generation.

UGC(User Generated content)

Most of the Brand advertiser is lucrative with user generated content which you could repost or reuse with their permission to promote their product, the consumers or users will act as a brand advertiser as well without any cost.

For instance, If you’re into a ecommerce business, the consumer buying a salwar from you and updating an image of them in that suit and using your hash tag is what exactly the user generated content.73% of brand advertiser benefits from this Marvelous Campaign. Never forget to give reason for who involved in this campaign and try to merge with some socialist or welfare society groups for more branding and to create a good impression to your customers.

Before diving into any campaigns, confirm with the goal driven strategy. If you are not aware of target audience then you could probably waste your money and time.

I am here, breakdown the entire process into four strategically divided rules.

  1. Target
  2. Tactics
  3. Timeline
  4. Total spend

In the nutshell, first check what you hope to accomplish in instagram campaign and make hash tag or run campaigns or other options that work best for your target. Secondly, once you fix the target audience it’s time to use some techniques like influencer marketing, contests and running campaign with other companies which are best to get complement for your own product. Final and last most important is to fix approximate timing for the particular campaign and design sample budget layout to avoid shock after getting bills

Social Media Marketing Tools

Don’t Spam your followers

It is profitable to post once a day and don’t spam your followers with more than two posts per day. The defined rule in instagram is not to put more than 7 posts per week or multiple posts per day which is actually not known by most users.

How to bring Best Brand awareness in easy steps?

Consistent way of posting is the key to success in social media. Intense care for business account would avoid bad rap since it reflects all about you and your business. Here, you can’t post beautiful, funny or the topic you interested unlike personal account. It is mandatory to post only the images or videos related to your business but it shouldn’t be boring, after all we are trying to attract customers or audience.

Pick the right Hash tag

You ought to select the perfect hash tag related your brand or business to aggregate your profit and to expand your audience. The novice will always miss to choose a right hash tag because of the ignorant.

To make you understand better it is the word prefixed with the # symbol. e.g., #digitalmarketing #Bostonstrong etc.,

The right Hash Tag possibly achieved through following methods

  1. Influencers:

Do some research to find good influencers having more followers? By examining those you could get handful knowledge that guides you to plump for hash tags. Identify the most relevant hash tag and use it in your posts.

  1. Utilize auto updated Trendy hash tags:

All social media platforms usually display the list of trending hash tags. It is worth to check out that list since those are already reached the millions. You shouldn’t use irrelevant tags only for its fame you must check whether it is appropriate for your business or brand.

  1. Few hash tag Management Tools:

There are so many Hash tags available. It might be the heck task to incorporate one to your business. Here are some top tools that help you to sort out these issues.

  • Hash Tag generator : (ToolHashtagify)

You can find the optimal Hash Tag using this generator by just typing your desired word it display the information about the popular tags, best influencers and tags trendy till time.

  • Hash Tag Aggregators: (Tool- Juicer)

Once you found the right hash tag then it’s time to incorporate it into your website using the hash tag aggregator. This enhances your insight by showing them your social activity and the user generated content from fans and hash tags