If you have a cooling tower on your property, you must know what Legionella is and why it could pose a risk to your health. Fortunately, our team is here and on hand to help! We are experts in the cooling tower cleaning industry, and we’re proud to be able to offer services that keep our clients safe.

How to Detect Signs of Legionella in Cooling Towers

Legionella can pose a considerable risk for your health, with the two most common conditions resulting from the bacteria being Legionnaire’s Disease and its milder variant, Pontiac fever. However, there are signs in your cooling tower that you should look for to assess the water’s risk of being contaminated with Legionella.

First, you should consider whether the water is currently being treated with a water treatment program, including biocide inhibitors, filters, and the like. Furthermore, you should also check the organic matter levels of contamination in the water. If the water is contaminated with organic matter, this can protect the Legionella bacteria from biocides and allow it to flourish – putting the water at great risk.

Legionella grows best in temperatures between 68 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit. You may also want to check that the water is kept below this minimum temperature. Temperature control is important as it will dissuade that the bacteria from replicating within your cooling tower.

Always check the smell and color of the water, too. If the water is discolored or has any signs of algae growth on the surface or around the cooling tower’s edge, then Legionella could be present. These contaminants protect the Legionella and give it ideal growing conditions, so you must consider this carefully before beginning any work on the cooling tower.

Don’t Put Yourself At Risk!

It’s always worth remembering – if you’re at all worried about the cooling tower and need to inspect it – an N-95 particulate-filter respirator will help protect you. Legionella bacteria are transmitted in contaminated water droplets, but these respirators can help filter the air, giving you more security against the condition.

Get Professional Cooling Tower Support!

So, don’t delay; if you need professional NYC cooling tower cleaning support, our team is here to help you out! Contact a member of our team if you’re at all worried about your cooling tower’s Legionella levels; we also provide Legionella compliance support! So, no matter what you need, our team is here and on hand to help!