Every family loves renovating their homes to make them beautiful. But, at the time of renovating, several decisions need to be made, and all grossly underestimate the importance of cabinet hardware. A few things like pulls and knobs can easily enhance the finished look of your home.

Choosing the right material

The cabinet hardware is going to absorb the bulk of the daily grind of the household. It is important So, it is important to ensure that the cabinet hardware is durable and easy to use. One should remember that one will get what he pays for. It is essential to invest in high-quality and ergonomic hardware. Some of the hardware available in the market are good-looking but highly impractical when it comes to using. One must select hardware that can be easily gripped. You must choose something comfortable to use and perfect for high-use areas in your home like the kitchen. There are different types of hardware available nowadays, such as copper, iron, aluminum, plastic, and, of course, brass. But there are some standout advantages of brass-based cabinet hardware that cannot be ignored. Let us check them out.

Brass cabinet hardware is reliable

Cabinets that are found in homes can be made from different materials like aluminum and zinc, but they tend to wear down faster due to prolonged handling. On the other hand, brass is much stronger and remains durable over many years. The brass cabinets are plated to beautify and preserve the underlying material. It is one of the main reasons why people prefer brass cabinet hardware over other materials.

They look decorative and beautiful

Brass is sought after for its durability and decorative purposes. Not many people are aware that various types of finishes can be applied to the material to look decorative. Some of the more popular brass finishes are –

  1. Antique – this finish will give off a dark-toned bronze color, and the coating is so deep and durable that it will take years before it starts to wear off.
  2. Bright – this has a golden touch and can be used in various cabinet hardware designs.
  3. Brushed – many homeowners prefer this finish as it has beautiful-looking parallel lines running throughout the material. It is the preferred finish for cabinet hardware as it successfully increases the beauty quotient of the brass cabinet hardware.

Brass cabinet hardware has a longer life

If you compare brass with other materials, one will find that the former is a better base material than other softer metals because of the manufacturing involved here. As the base material is brass, the plating binds to the material much better and lasts for many years.

Things to Note

When you purchase brass cabinet hardware, it is essential to opt for solid brass as it is exceptional. The coated brass is made of steel, and it breaks down faster than solid brass. So when you are choosing brass cabinet hardware to enhance the look of the interiors of your home, always look for the solid brass marking.


The author, Kalpesh, is an avid traveler. He has a thorough knowledge of Brass cabinet hardware and other decorative items. He is working on this domain for a long time now.