From last 20 years, CloudIBN has been assisting foremost global enterprises in highly regulated industries to migrate their applications and workloads from physical datacentres to the AWS cloud platform.
As a trusted consultant, CloudIBN ensures that its clients understand cost-benefits and helps to define business objectives prior to launching their migration journey. Success metrics are clearly expressed and used as a guide to accomplishing this critical enterprise-wide transformation.
Motorists vary from cost reduction, datacentre exit to eliminating technical debt, enabling application elasticity and driving greater innovation. Once identified, one approach or a combination of methods is selected, depending on the findings of a severe application portfolio assessment. Applications are then re-hosted, re-plat formed, redesigned or retired depending on the client’s skills and capabilities, timelines and overall IT strategy.
Once migrated, CloudIBN works collaboratively with the client to enable a smooth transition to constant operational best practices by safeguarding appropriate tool selection.
So you are ready to move your business to the cloud. Cloud adoption is not just about the migration. From business plan to process design, from organisation management to training and support for your people, CloudIBN has all it takes to help you make your migrate to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Alibaba Cloud swift, smooth and secure.
Migrate to AWS
Our expertise is:
 Cloud Infrastructure Migration: We can do lift-and-shift migration of your on-premise servers to cloud platforms.
 Cloud Networking Migration: We help clients in transitioning to fully take advantage of cloud networking.
 Office 365 Migration: We ensure you have a smooth Office 365 Migration
 ERP Data Migration: We help clients migrate from their existing ERP system to Oracle NetSuite, so your business operations will run smoothly.