The care of patients in a culturally competent manner requires the adaptation of care methods to cultural preferences and needs. This process begins with a cultural assessment that constitutes the foundation of a care plan. Professional nurses who assess their client’s Study.

A supportive working environment is supposed to increase and improve employees’ job satisfaction and performance of the going to movie review assignment and commitment toward achieving organizational goals and intentions. However, it may occur that people tend to follow excessive togetherness, which has nothing common with following the organizational interests. Instead, orientation on building a team of business professionals takes a backseat while the behavior to do it as all others do appears to be a more frequent thing. In the case of Cecelia, such excessive togetherness has caused an issue within the working environment. It has found its expression in the way colleagues treated Cecelia for her unwillingness to join them in their regular Friday get-togethers. Thus, Cecelia experienced group pressure and noticed she was treated differently than at the beginning of her job at Anchor Insurance.

There are a psychological predisposition and compatibility of people with similar backgrounds and goals, which play a vital role in creating a team. However, these aims and attitudes at work should not always interweave with the activities outside working hours. In Cecelias case, these after-work activities are not the component of her business target, however, great efforts in contributing more to the well-being of the company are among her main goals. Thus, the main issue is related to the differences between the team members to perceive the goals of team building and how these goals Cecelia perceives. For her, there were years of efforts to enter a white-collar profession and Cecelia was content with the job. Her desire to become a part of a company did not mean to be involved in the Friday get-togethers with excessive drinking.

The conflict in the case may be defined as a values conflict as it is caused by Cecelias personal disagreement with how the other team members view get-togethers. She may consider that such meetings should concern working moments, which would help the team to become closer. The members then would trust each other more and this would influence their work styles and preferences. As the rest of the team sees the usual Friday get-togethers with excessive drinking as such where they do not discuss work, the interests of the team and Cecelia are in conflict.

Being a new member of Anchor Insurance, Cecelia has shown the team her ability to effective teamwork and great potential as a new employee. She has also introduced some new values and attitudes toward work, which are different from those created by the team. This includes the different perceptions of Friday get-togethers. However, people perceived Cecelias unwillingness to join the routine on Fridays as a reluctance to share the teams values. At the same time, she has earned the trust and displayed herself as a talented worker. That is why, there is no need to reassure people with their own capabilities only through joining to the get-togethers, which are strange to Cecelia. There is no need to save such a type of relationship since they do not meet the needs of Cecelia.

It is important to remember that changing people’s attitudes toward their behaviors and values can take time. It may also occur that people are not willing to change, however, they can change their opinions in certain situations. That is why it is better for Cecelia to wait for the team members to understand that her unwillingness to join get-togethers after work does not affect her ability to be a good team member at work. What is possible is also to behave professionally and contribute as much as possible toward the attainment of team goals displaying team belonging at work.

Due to such a situation as with Cecelia, it is likely that eventually, she will become less enthusiastic and involved in her work and workplace. That is why the HR managers role is great in preventing Cecelia from leaving Anchor Insurance. Here, the concrete steps of HR manager in helping employees like Cecelia include identifying the problem, helping to resolve it ensuring that interpersonal ties within the firm would become better. Thus, the HR manager can direct Cecelia to a certain assistance program or training session that would help to deal with the coworkers. In addition, while there is a conflict situation within the group, HR managers role is to initiate training sessions for Cecelias team, a certain wellness program that would help people to understand their business goals and enable them to separate organizational and nonbusiness relations. Among such programs, there can be a stress management workshop and special team-building classes.

Despite the complicated working situation, there are chances that Cecelia could use to improve the situation on her own, without involving HR professional. This is because the employees may solve certain working challenges themselves, according to Roepe. Thus, Cecelia could talk with the colleagues directly giving arguments why Friday get-togethers do not suit her. She could also offer some alternative to such meetings such as organizing an escape room activity or attending some big event with the team. Openness and friendly manner in cooperating with the team may help solve difficult situations. It is not the best option to discuss the situation with the family members, rather present own thoughts on such things like regular Friday get-togethers to the people at work.