If you are looking for something that can give you great sexual stimulation, then sex dolls are a good choice, but how do you use sex dolls? You may not know where to start, but rest assured, we will list all the ins and outs related to the rental of usable dolls.


Having sex with a sex doll without too much lubricant is never a good idea. For those who use silicone sex dolls, remember to use a lubricant that can safely use silicone, because certain lubricants can damage those types of dolls. Without the help of lubricants, you will find it very uncomfortable to have sex with a real sex doll rental, which will cause you inconvenience. Furthermore, having sex without lubricant may seriously damage the artificial meat of the doll. In the long run, this may result in a shortened lifespan of the doll, thereby causing you to spend more cash in the process. So please use your doll reasonably, in order to make her live longer

Don't share your doll

In some cases, people tend to share their sex dolls through threesomes and/or swings. Although it can be used normally, please remember that unprotected sex with another doll at the same time or immediately is equivalent to unprotected sex with that person. So remember that unless you are using a condom, you should not share a sex doll with another person, or you can have unprotected sex with that person.

Doll cleaning

You must keep your sex doll clean. Over time, bacteria will accumulate inside the doll due to ejaculation in an opening of the doll without wearing a condom. Now, you don’t have to have "safe sex" with sex dolls, but using a condom can help clean up faster and easier. Always use mild antibacterial soap and warm water (not hot water). Do not immerse the doll in a hot bath or jacuzzi, and do not expose the doll to any significant heat source, such as heat from a hair dryer. After gently washing the sex doll with soap and water, pat her dry.

After having sex with the doll, if you have injected the doll, please make sure to clean her anus, vagina and mouth after each use. If you use a condom while having sex with a doll, you can skip this step. If the doll is made of silicone, do not use non-silicone safe and synthetic safe lubricants. For example, Vaseline will damage the artificial meat of your sex doll.

Keep the doll in the right position

When you choose a sex doll to pose, remember that twisting her endoskeleton for a long time is harmful to her twisting. After completing the operation of using the sex doll, please place it in a natural position for long-term storage until the next time you want to use the sex doll. This way, your sex doll can be ready to wait. We hope that your sex doll has a long life in your hands. We fully support it as an investment in your sexual pleasure.

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