SEO, also known as search engine optimization, refers to the area of specialization that practices in bringing quality engagement and traffic into a website. This is done by the method of organic search engine results. The three sectors which congregate an SEO are:

  • Quality of traffic:Dealing with business is not an easy job. Targeting the right audience is extremely crucial. In a few instances, google can mistakenly suggest the users your Apple iPhone selling website, for an apple fruit selling website. This is why it must be well known how to attack the right quality of traffic and engagements into your website.
  • Quantity of traffic: With the better quality of traffic, eventually, the targeted audience will click on your website more. This will help increase the numbers or ' quantity' of the website.
  • Organic search results: These are the query results that are calculated algorithmically. Organic search results are often not affected by advertiser payments.

Market surveys have shown that 82% of Australian marketers say that they are investing in content marketing. However, only 28% report that their usage of content marketing has proven effective. This shows that there are several lacks of information about SEO amongst the Australian population.

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