Organic fertilizer machineincluded in the pig manure organic fertilizer production process

Pig manure organic fertilizer dryer:
The machine adopts the new technology of tube positive pressure jet and negative pressure induced air, which sprays the dry hot air continuously and uniformly on the accumulation layer of granular fertilizer for heat value exchange. The moisture continues to accumulate on the upper part of the dryer and is quickly emptied. The machine has the characteristics of advanced technology, sufficient heat value exchange and energy saving. The drying temperature is controllable, which can effectively ensure the activity of microbial bacteria, which is an important breakthrough in the low-temperature drying technology of bio-organic fertilizers.

Pig manure organic fertilizer screening machine:
The design of the two-in-one composite model integrating cooling and screening simplifies the process flow, shares a set of transmission devices to reduce the installed capacity, and eliminates the need for drying and cooling, cooling and screening two links of material conveying devices , It has the characteristics of advanced technology, high cooling efficiency, large production capacity, low investment, low energy consumption and reliable operation.

Pig manure organic fertilizer coating machine:
This machine can effectively prevent the agglomeration of organic fertilizers. The main machine adopts polypropylene lining or acid-resistant stainless steel. The equipment has a special design on the internal structure according to the process requirements. It is an effective special equipment for organic and inorganic fertilizers.