After a test strategy that is well defined, a phase that will follow will plan, develop, implementation & analyzed.

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The following are some of our recommendations approaches for phase-phases above -


Select the proxy recording feature provided by the load testing tool. The steps are simple & straightforward. Set the proxy on the device & make sure the tools and devices are on the same subnet. When finished, start capturing traffic. If your application security feature limits you to capture traffic, consider using the package retrieval tool from the Play Store or App Store. Export network capture to other tools. You can use JMeter, LOAD RUNNER, FIDDLER, BLAZEMETER, Wireshark, or any package-taking tool to record HTTP calls from clients to the server. You can also record each for Android and iOS.

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If the application uses SOA, breaks, or calls Jason, look for help from the application vendor or developer to help you understand the various HTTP request formats (HTTP GET, POST) and parameters. This will be useful when dealing with applications that do not allow you to capture traffic using various tools, for security reasons.

Increased script: In this phase, the test uses the parameters instead of hardcoded values. Check the need to change the header file (if you prefer to simulate the load from Android & iOS). Make sure all dynamic parameters are correlated & handled correctly to ensure the script serves for some users for various test data.

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One of the main parameters is to simulate realistic network conditions such as 2G, 3G, 4G LTE etc. Some tools have default features to simulate this condition. Some tools allow you to make changes to configuration files and it is very important to consider the right tool depending on your needs.


In this phase, set the testing environment using controllers & agents to support the type of test & the desired user volume. If you want to simulate a load of various geographical locations, set your charge test agent to simulate similar behavior.

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We suggest running some dry sanity for some users to ensure that there are no problems with implementation.

Make sure your end-user or BA access the application during peak load conditions to help you monitor application behavior from the end-user perspective. Ask your team members to do some business transactions and record their experiences. Because most tools do not include client-side rendering or processing time in response time, it is a good practice to ask someone to get used to the application to do some transactions manually or run a test that functions in the GUI layer.

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We recommend involving all major stakeholders (BA, DEV & Infra) during the load test execution. Most of the problems or obstacles that are identified as long as the execution is much easier to repair when all key members are involved during the formal load test.

If this process is coordinated remotely, goes into a conference call to ensure each application layer is monitored proactively.

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You can integrate APM - application performance monitoring tools with load testing tools to get details of detailed transaction response times. Although this will be a time-consuming process, this is an effective way to find application problems, which can be corrected immediately.

Analysis & Reporting

Spend a lot of time in this phase to determine how the system behaves before the load test, during load tests, and post-load tests. We advise you to seek help from the DBA or the team concerned to help you measure the number of transactions made during the load test. The data pattern will show performance degradation.

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We advise you to make separate reports for your target audience and stakeholders.