The spartan military is quite a renowned realm, all thanks to movies such as Zach Snyder’s 300 and TV series giving us a glimpse into it. Their unique Spartan shield and ancient warriors’ stories are an inspiration for many countries and militaries.

Along with ferocious fighters' reputation, Spartan shield warriors have marked a lifelong learning lesson of overcoming insurmountable odds. Here are two leadership principles set rightly with their military tactics and use of Spartan shields that can help you improve your team’s culture and performance in the time to come:

Spartan Fighting Forces Culture

Spartan military fighters were well-known for their fierceness and the most effective range of weapons in the ancient world. With Spartan shields and swords' help, they used to beat the odds by defeating opponents in no time. What made them achieve impossible feats in the middle of overwhelming odds were

  • Larger and well-trained armies
  • Better military equipment
  • Unique organizational tactics
  • Uncompromising culture
  • Fearlessness above everything

Two Distinct Fighting Tactics- Added Benefit Over Their Rivalries

Along with leadership, culture, strength, and team performance, the two aspects that helped Spartan armies stand out on the battlefields were

  • The circular Sparta shields- Popularly called An Aspis
  • Military formation – Popularly called The Phalanx

Leadership Lesson To Take Away

Return With Your Spartan Shield or On It

The circular shield made up of wooden and a bronze covering turned out to be more than military equipment, as it was a definition of a soldier’s identity.