I remember I went to a nearby studio with my parents when I was 10 years old. And I have only gone to a studio once after that when I needed a bunch of passport size photos for my higher education. And I’ve never been there ever again, because there were no studio photography needs in my life. I know some or many of you would relate to me because we rarely go to a photo studio for family portraits or child portraits these days.

That’s true, but studio photography has not lost its charm yet. There still are a few advantages of studio photography over outdoor photography, which we will discuss in this post.


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Now, the advantages…

In a studio, most things are in control. A professional photographer takes a lot of things into consideration when building their photo studio, so there are many things like the light, sound, makeup, comfort and creativity etc. are in total control when the photo shoot is done in a studio rather than outdoor where you cannot control the sunlight, wind and many other things that tend to disturb.

Safety is another concern. If you have a hyper-active child, outdoor photography is literally impossible to happen. Would you focus on making the photo session or control your kid’s activities? It can get so much difficult. A studio is a way safer place to do the photo session with a lot of comfort and peace.

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