The sex education advocated by European and American countries in the early 20th century clearly placed the ethical education of sex in a prominent and important position, combined with religious sexual ethics, educate young people to accept sexual restraints, and prohibit premarital sex. With the wave of sexual freedom set off in the 1960s, the social morality of sex has become extremely weak, and the boundary between right and wrong on sexual issues has gradually disappeared. Under the direct influence of the trend of sexual freedom, the content of sex education courses in primary and secondary schools has also undergone important changes. When teaching sexual physiology, it focuses on explaining the sexual organs and the process of sexual intercourse, and instructing the use of condoms or condoms; emphasizing that sex is the nature of adolescents to be freely satisfied, and no one should stop them from pursuing sexual satisfaction.

This wave has opened up with the social customs, so that our surroundings are flooded with pornographic information. Nothing is more hurt than underage children and teenagers by these pornographic information. Males in pornographic information usually show characteristics such as aggression, conquering women, treating women as playthings, arrogant, and domineering; on the contrary, women mostly show such characteristics as attachment, humbleness, submission, playfulness, and patience. In this way, a distorted value of men and women is conveyed, and it is easy to mislead the development of young people's sexual relations. The values revealed by pornographic information may make young people blindly follow and lose their correct judgment. Among the ethnic groups that watch pornographic information, not all boys are, and many girls are influenced by receiving pornographic information and have wrong gender values. According to research, if underage children and adolescents are exposed to sexual violence and pornographic media for a long time, they are prone to anti-social deviant behaviors during his/her growth, and they are more likely to commit crimes when they grow up. increase. In the face of pornographic information around, instead of blindly following, avoiding, or sneaking around, it is better to use a critical and open perspective, through rational judgment and choice, to make yourself the owner of the information.

Faced with these pornographic information, how should young people deal with it?

First of all, young people should cultivate their own "critical thinking" ability. The so-called critical thinking refers to the courage to make sensible judgments when facing information sources. For information content that is not ethical and logical, contact with information sources should be appropriately reduced. It's easy to talk about, but quite difficult to do. Because young people may not have the ability to judge whether information is "reasonable" or "reasonable", they can only passively accept information, and cannot actively screen correct information. When facing information, young people can browse text content first, or accept information sources recommended by normal channels (such as schools, churches, family elders), and actively discuss with teachers or parents when receiving information, and be brave to judge in order to cultivate The ability to think critically, amidst all kinds of temptations, retreats.

Secondly, schools and government authorities should plan sex education courses for young people in terms of sex and health education, so as to integrate the knowledge of sex education that young people have learned in school and in life. These plans should also be integrated with other learning activities in the school, such as physical education or labor classes, may wish to plan and implement an integrated plan with the psychological counseling room. When young people need preventive or therapeutic health services, schools are able to provide these services and information. The content of sexual health education for adolescents provided by schools should include: the significance of gender differentiation for biological evolution. The anatomical structure of the reproductive organs of both sexes can clearly explain the first and second sex characteristics. The physiological functions of the reproductive system, menstruation and spermatorrhea, and menstrual hygiene should also be taught separately.

Through planned, organized, and targeted systematic education activities, education on sexual knowledge and sexual health can enable young people to have scientific sexual knowledge, correct sexual concepts, noble sexual ethics and healthy sexual behavior.

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