The central aspect of data science is getting new results from data. DS is based on strict analytical evidence and works with structured and unstructured data.

In fact, everything connected with data selecting, preparation, and analysis relates to data science.

Data science allows us to find the meaning and required information from large volumes of data. As there are tons of raw data stored in data warehouses, there's a lot to learn by processing it.

What is it used for?

  • Tactical optimization (improving marketing campaigns, business processes)
  • Predicted analytics (forecast of demand and events)
  • Recommendation systems (like those of Amazon, Netflix)
  • Automatic decision-making systems (like face recognition or drones)
  • Social research (processing of questionnaires)

For instance, Netflix uses its data mines to look for viewing patterns. This allows staff to understand users’ interests better and make decisions on what Netflix series they should make next. Data science vs machine learning vs ai it's very interesting topic, you can find a lot of this theme in Internet if you are interested.