We all have it-but it turns out that our most stubborn and sultry dreams have nothing to do with sex after all.

Each of us has dreams of steam (involving BFF, the boss, and even Seth Rogen). Getty Images

You are there-covered by quilt, without clothes, playing with some sexy mysterious hunks. Suddenly, you glanced at his face.... Is that your old third grade math teacher?

That's when you wake up.

Yes, you are dreaming of love, but that doesn't mean you are weird or have a strong sexual desire. On the contrary, research shows that most Americans often dream about making love: According to a study by the University of Montreal, about 8% of night reveries involve some kind of sexual behavior, and women have the same sexual behavior in dreams as men. Sexual intercourse is the most common content of sexual dreams in this study, followed by sexual propositions, kissing, fantasy and masturbation.

Although sexual dreams-indeed general dreams-are fascinating, science has yet to discover its meaning. It seems true that dreams do not need to be realized literally. Just because in your dream, the other person involved is your boss, your best friend, a young Idris Elba-or even these three at the same time-not necessarily It means you want this kind of thing to happen in reality.

"All dreams, even sexual dreams, can be easily connected with what happens in life," Ian Wallace, author of "The Hundred Dreams: Dreams We All Have and Their Real Meaning" Say. "Each character in the dream represents his own personality."

Wallace explained it this way: When someone suddenly appears in your sexual dreams, it does not necessarily mean that you want to maintain an intimate relationship with that person. On the contrary, he or she may have some admirable personality traits (such as leadership, kindness, or talent for fashion), and you will recognize yourself but not yet fully developed. Wallace said: "Showing off your talents and qualities requires you to be open and vulnerable and exposed," as you do when you have sex (that's why the psychology of sniffing will transform it into such extreme intimacy. the behavior of).

Psychologist Dr. Gillian Holloway agreed with the author of "5 Steps to Interpreting Your Dreams: A Quick and Effective Way to Discover the Meaning of Dreams". On her dream interpretation website, she explained that although some sexual dreams may be just "hopeful realization" (you may not be able to score with this person in real life, so you still resort to dreams), sexual dreams are usually more How complicated it is to reflect your personal desires and fears.

Here, dream experts provide more insights into what some common sexual dreams might mean.

What does it mean when your sex dreams become a star...

According to Wallace, the boss’s workplace play may be the most common sexual dream. But if you and your boss are working in the Nod field, does this mean you should reduce those one-on-one meetings in real time? maybe not. "Of course, you may be attracted by the boss," Wallace said. "However, if you have sex with him or her in a dream, your subconscious mind may be realizing your own ability to make decisions and be a leader." Therefore, once you get rid of the embarrassment of your sexual fantasies, maybe you You should arrange an appointment with your boss... Discuss your future with the company.

Your friend no more! You have always established a completely platonic relationship with someone you have known forever or someone you have just met, and suddenly, a man or a woman plays a leading role in your sexual dreams. How is this going? You can attribute it to your friends, and you can have a quality that you appreciate or appreciate. Wallace explained: "People often tell me,'I have a friend. He is ugly. He smells good-but I keep dreaming of having sex with him. Am I angry?" Don't worry about him. May have certain talents that your subconscious mind is developing (his karaoke skills?).

You have a crush. This seems to be a no-brainer, the person you are obsessed with will be in your sexual dream star-but why you fantasize about him or her in your sleep is not so obvious. Wallace said: "It's easy to think that this means you want to have sex with that person." "But you are actually attracted to one of his emotional or spiritual qualities." (And you think your thoughts are dirty !)

A celebrity Wallace said that after the boss, celebrities are the most common headlines in our sexual dreams. A study by the University of Montreal found that it is twice as likely for men to dream of sleeping with a celebrity at night. How is this going? Although Selena Gomez or Bradley Cooper’s haystack sounds like a dream come true, your mind is probably just realizing that you and the star Have common talents.

Your predecessor You thought you were finally above the sad person. Suddenly, your predecessor returned to his dream-naked. Why must our thoughts torture us so? According to Wallace, if you dream of an ex-lover, it may mean you unknowingly repeat the bad habit from failure in the relationship. Treat this type of sex dream as a danger signal.

Your partner is cheating. If your beloved is "wandering" while sniffing, please don't worry too quickly that it may continue to happen in real life. This sexual nightmare may have more to do with your own insecurities. Wallace said: "When you dream of your partner having an affair, it may mean that you have lost confidence in your own abilities or attractiveness." Maybe all you need is to strengthen your confidence, and it will be you-not unwanted The intruder-star in your sex dreams.

Strangers" Wallace said: "When people have sexual dreams about strangers, strangers often wear masks or have no faces. "Who is this mysterious intruder? Your subconscious mind is likely to tell you to reveal your hidden talents. And, according to Holloway's dream interpretation website, it may also mean that you are pursuing the qualities you want in your partner- A quality that you have or are still looking for.

Family member Eek! The dream of making love to one's siblings or parents sounds evil, creepy, and completely wrong, but Wallace insists it is completely normal. Once again, all of this boils down to the character of your relatives. If your brothers, sisters or uncles have certain qualities of appreciation or recognition of themselves, please be careful: you may just be in bed with them... of course in your dreams.

Bottom line? There is no need to literally understand the first trip of the X-class, and no need to worry about the problems in real-world sexual life. Simply think of your sexual dreams as a way to awaken yourself to better understand yourself.