The refrigerator is designed to protect the food from outside temperature by cooling it and due to its function & regular performance, it has become a necessary appliance of almost every household. Basically, it circulates cool air from the freezer compartment to the food section, and this way our food is protected from the outside temperature. But sometimes, it happens that it takes a long time to cool the foods placed inside the refrigerator and accordingly we have to place the food inside the refrigerator for a long time than usual to keep it fresh & protected by outside temperature. It is a really annoying situation when we find that the ice cream is still not made even after placing the liquid in the freezer for more than usual time.

Appliance Medic has suggested several reasons for the refrigerator not cooling fast but a few highly probable reasons from them are as follows:

Overloaded Refrigerator

An Overloaded refrigerator is one of the most probable cases in which the refrigerator is unable to make ice in the freezer section or unable to create cooling inside, this happens because If the refrigerator is overloaded, cold air can not be circulated properly inside the fridge which in turn can spoil food items and lowers down the efficiency of the fridge. So, It is suggested to you to avoid overload your refrigerator with food.

No or Less space around the refrigerator

Basically, the refrigerator generates the heat from the condenser coils and compressor, so in order to allow enough space for the heat to escape, it is required to maintain a minimum of 1-2 inches of space around your refrigerator. This means your appliance will not have to work as hard to keep itself cool and you save on your electricity bill up to 40%. And apart from it, you will not be looking for refrigerator repair service frequently.

However, the required breathing space for better cooling varies according to each model & the location of coils and compressor. So, it’s better to refer service manual of your refrigerator for more information on this.

Opens door frequently

In a recent discussion on this issue with Mr. Alexander Verbist, Kitchenaid refrigerator repair specialist, We have found that If you open the door of your refrigerator within a frequent time, the warm air enters inside and the cold air (which helps in keeping the food placed inside safe) gets ejected within a span of time, after this, it takes more time to make it cool. Basically, this whole process drops the temperature of the refrigerator by approximately 05 to 10 degrees Celsius within a short span of time during opening the doors frequently.

Moreover, The compressor of the refrigerator has to work a lot by working on high load in keeping the food safe by maintaining the temperature inside the refrigerator.

Clean your refrigerator regularly

In order to keep your refrigerator working efficiently, clean your refrigerator cleans both insides outside regularly. Dust on the refrigerator’s back panel can also cause the heavy load and improper functionality of the refrigerator. Always make sure to keep your refrigerator clean inside too by removing the rotten and expired food in order to stop the infection spreads through the consumption of the expired food.

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