Let's take a look at how single women solve sexual desire. Here are a few real examples. You can take a look.

"I'm the only one who is more curious about how single women solve it? Because it's been a while since I broke up with my ex-boyfriend.

At first I thought it was okay, but after a long time, I gradually realized that sometimes I also want it very much, and sometimes I can't sleep.

But, I can't go back to find my ex boyfriend, right? This situation is really embarrassing..."

So, how do those single women usually deal with their sexual desires?

After graduating from university, I became a flight attendant. To be honest, I did fly around most of the time. Even if I had a break, I was resting when others were at work.

It's hard to find a boyfriend for this kind of job, especially when I fly an international flight. When I fall in love, I will have a lot of problems because the time is completely out of time.

For example, if I can’t meet or send messages for a long flight time, I can easily feel insecure and I’m very tired of talking.

Slowly, I had no idea about falling in love, as if I didn't know how to love someone anymore.

But occasionally there are sexual desires. I usually ask friends to make appointments, but I don't make appointments casually. There are always fixed ones.

In fact, at first I just planned to give it a try, but after trying it a few times, I found that it was quite good, simple and trouble-free, and much easier than falling in love.

I also have high requirements for the quality of sex life. My previous sex life with my ex-boyfriend was not harmonious, but I can change it at any time if I am not satisfied with the appointment.

But I’m a little panicked recently because I found myself addicted to this

the second

I have been single for almost three years. After breaking up with my ex-boyfriend, I haven't had sex anymore. I really haven't had sex once.

At the beginning, I would want it more often, and that feeling was still quite uncomfortable, and I even missed the scene with my ex-boyfriend before.

At that time, she asked her best friend what she would do. She said that she used some software to make appointments, and she also told me a lot of experience, such as how to make appointments with higher quality, and how to judge whether the other party is healthy or not. of…

However, I hesitated for a long time and I gave up because I still couldn't accept it.

So I have been holding back for years, drinking water, reading books, and doing housework, in short, just to keep myself busy.

But recently I found myself a bit strange, the desire to want is getting lower and lower, especially in the past half a year, I haven't had that kind of thought once.

I won’t be holding back for a long time, I’ve been holding back indifferently, right?

The third

I divorced five years ago and had no children. Since then, I haven't talked about love again. In fact, I take care of my face and figure very well.

So there are a lot of people who pursue me, but none of them I like. They either value my resources and abilities, or they are too old.

Three years ago, I went to Huizhou for a holiday with my friends, and accidentally opened up a new way to vent my desires.

There are some high-end clubs over there. They are all young and strong, and some of them are handsome and well-built.

In fact, I felt very awkward and uncomfortable at first, but then slowly let go because the experience was really good.

As long as the money is in place, they have whatever tricks they want. For example, they can play my boyfriend according to my requirements and preferences. I think this is quite fun.

Because I know that they have had relationships with many "rich women" like me, so I usually ask my boss to arrange those who have just entered the business for me, and I will be relatively relieved to play.

But after getting used to this state, I don't expect love as much as before.

Many people may think that my style as a woman is not good. I think it's funny. Why does it seem normal for men to prostitute? Can't our women?

the fourth

My boyfriend and I broke up for almost a year. After leaving, I found that I couldn’t help myself. Many times I wanted to have sex, but I didn’t have a partner. I couldn’t go to my ex boyfriend and tell him that I wanted it. I went to lovedollshops and saw the most popular sex dolls recently. They have various styles of sex dolls. After seeing them, I was a little shocked. It turned out that there are such things, so I held a try. I bought a male doll there. After I arrived, it couldn’t be really good. It looked very realistic and had strong muscles. Every time I wanted it, I would have sex with him. Although it’s a bit tired, it’s true. It makes me very comfortable, every time I feel unfinished, if you are in the same situation as mine then you can try it, it is really good.

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