Is your sex life full of passion, or has it become a routine? The pace of life of modern people can easily induce various sexual disorders. Here experts teach you how to deal with ten common sexual disorders.

According to the British "Men's Health" magazine item test, every night, millions of couples will have sexual frigidity.

According to sex clinicians, 40% of women have had the experience of a husband's frigidity, which makes them very painful. Sexual life is human instinct. If there is no sexual desire, then people's life will be bleak and colorless. Whether it is mentally stressed or too tired during the day, this is not a reason to replace sex.

Sexual life can consolidate and strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. At the same time, it will be very terrible for a family to have no normal sex life. Over time, the family may become alienated, extramarital affairs and divorce due to lack of sex. Sex clinicians point out that 99% of cases of sexual disorders are not caused by physiological factors.

The solutions to 10 sexual problems provided by the following experts will help couples to have a harmonious and happy sexual life.

Petra Boynton, a sex psychologist at the University of London, said, “Stress and fatigue are the biggest killers of sexual passion! An individual does not have the time and energy to enjoy sex, which means that he does not have the time and energy to enjoy a good life!”

  1. Chronic fatigue

It can bring a lot of sexual dysfunction, which is a common factor that causes impotence in men...

Solution: Adjust your lifestyle.

Give yourself a time to relax, eat well, rest well, and exercise properly during this time. Pietra said, “Only when you are completely relaxed can you get along better with your lover.”

  1. Lack of sexual fantasies

Many couples gradually lose their sexual interest in their lives, partly because they lack sexual fantasies.

Solution: Make yourself sexually impulsive in various ways.

Pietra pointed out that many women have never had sexual pleasure and sexual impulse in their lives, which is very sad. At the same time, she suggested that men and women who have no sexual urges can try to read pornographic books to sprout their own sexual fantasies and sexual urges.

There should be candlelight, flower shadow, moonlight, and romantic things in sex. People who are involved in sex should enjoy it to their heart's content...

  1. The bad mood of the other party makes the spouse's sex life dim and colorless

Psychoanalyst Susan-Owen said, “If the partner holds resentment, anger, and tension during sex, their sex life will be inharmonious. For couples who have sex for a long time, develop good emotions during sex. is crucial."

Solution: Face this bad feeling with the other party and resolve it.

Husbands and wives need to communicate and ask each other’s feelings. If they can’t accept each other’s sex life, they need to speak up and work with their lover to resolve bad feelings in sex life...

Four, destroy the sex life between husband and wife during childbirth

Medical experts point out that during the time before and after the baby is born, couples cannot have sex. The husband needs to adjust and control himself at this time, distinguish the priority of family life, and put off the sexual needs.

Solution: Reasonably adjust and control yourself.

Before or after giving birth, husbands cannot have sex for several months. In this regard, they need to correctly understand this problem and realize that sex life is only part of family life, and the wife’s physical condition during childbirth is not suitable for sex. Behavior, as a husband and future father, we must be soberly aware of this.

Women also experience empathy during pregnancy. The empathy here means that a woman transfers most of her emotions from her husband to her child during pregnancy and during the postpartum period...

  1. If the wife does not want to have sex, the husband will retaliate against his wife.

When a couple’s sex life, if the wife is unhappy during sex, the husband will think that the wife has opinions about him, or has lost a good impression of him, and even in the future sex life, the husband’s behavior will be more arbitrarily, imposing it on his own will. Yu wife.

Solution: Husband and wife are considerate and understand each other.

When the husband is very eager to have sex, if the wife has no sexual interest, it is best to be considerate of her husband’s emotions and cooperate with her husband to achieve pleasure during sex. If the wife is indifferent to her enthusiastic husband, it will make the other person uncomfortable. At the same time, when you are enthusiastic, you need to caress the other person slowly to seduce the fire of desire.

Six, can't slow down the rhythm in sex life

Sexual life often encounters the hasty end of intercourse, and both parties have not reached pleasure.

Solution: slow down the pace of sexual life.

Petra pointed out that massage before sex is very beneficial. Massage before sex can not only relax the other person, but also allow the other person to accept their body and enhance their sex appeal.

Seven, no conversation and communication between husband and wife

Whether the husband and wife did not tell their true feelings, the lack of communication and communication between the two parties will only increase the estrangement and pressure between the husband and wife, and make the sex life dull.

Solution: talk and communicate and face it correctly.

The conversation and communication between husband and wife is not shouting and threatening, but meditation to express their inner world, and the two sides face life together in a mutual understanding and support attitude. Even if there is a problem in sex life, both parties need to speak up bravely and solve the problem together.

  1. Life is too procedural

The love life of real couples is not the first month in the movie, especially couples who have been married for many years. Due to many factors such as busy work, their lives have gradually formed a kind of proceduralization. At the same time, sex life is just "routine official duties".

Solution: Spend more time with your lover.

Spend some time with your lover, enjoy the fun of travel or the delicious meal of a meal, so that the other party can fully feel that his lover likes to live with him. At the same time, it is best to plan a romantic weekend to let the other person feel your love. Sexual desires naturally arise in these romantic plans.

Experts point out that understanding the function of body positions can help increase the fun. Today I will introduce you to the traditional position, side lying position, female position and the sexual blessing brought by the change of posture...

Nine, sex life has become a routine official business

The life of the husband and wife has become a routine official business over time.

Solution: Look for new changes in sex life and refuse to model.

If you feel that your sex life is very boring, you'd better seek some excitement in your sex life and create new feelings. Editor's recommendation: Normally, when ordinary people want to regain the joy of sex, they start by trying new positions or changing to unusual locations. In fact, there is a simpler way: change the length of time for making love...

  1. Sexual opinion is incorrect

Many people do not desire sex but it does not mean that they have problems with their sexual function. Many people have low libido, but when they have sex for the first time, they like sex crazily.

Solution: Abandon previous concepts and face the current sex life correctly.

Many people may have different attitudes before engaging in sex. When they face the actual sex life, they need to verify the correctness of their previous concepts with their physical and emotional feelings.

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