Every couple wants to enjoy the most wonderful sex, but some wrong sex positions, incorrect sex concepts, and small details that are not aware of may affect their health. Especially the following 5 ways of sex, must be avoided.

No.1 Deliberately prolong sex time

I have encountered many patients in the clinic. The ejaculation rate is too fast, the lover is not satisfied, and the orgasm is not reached. Especially when it comes to women who take a long time to have an orgasm, male patients are even more stressed. This kind of sexual asynchrony makes many men suffer from headaches and even feel very frustrated. Some people therefore treat sex as an arduous task, and cannot appreciate the happiness that a harmonious sex life brings to both spouses.

Most men always want to adopt various methods to delay ejaculation time. Some people tolerate no ejaculation, but forbearance to ejaculate can lead to excessive pelvic congestion and aggravate the burden on the sexual nervous system and sexual organs. After ejaculation in a normal sex life, the body fluids in the sex organs are fully excreted and gradually become weak. Soon the blood flow in the penis returns to normal. If ejaculation is interrupted artificially, the blood flow recovery rate in the sex organs will be slowed down, resulting in a continuous congestion state.

Excessive pelvic hyperemia, on the one hand, reduces male libido and can’t enjoy sex to the fullest, and easily induces erectile dysfunction; on the other hand, it easily induces reproductive system infections, such as chronic prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, causing frequent urination, urgency, and blood sperm . The male physiological anatomy tells us that if the normal anatomical integrity of the bladder neck is damaged, the semen may "go through the back door" without ejaculation, and retrograde ejaculation occurs, that is, the semen enters the bladder and then exits the body with the urine. Because sperm cannot enter the vagina and combine with the egg to form a fertilized egg, women cannot become pregnant.

So, is there a scientific and effective training method to get men out of the trouble of too fast ejaculation? Some medical experts believe that premature ejaculation is fundamentally due to the low stimulation threshold required during ejaculation, and invented based on this theory "Behavioral therapy for premature ejaculation." The method they advocate aims to raise the threshold and eliminate the link between sexual stimulation and ejaculation response. The specific methods are as follows: ① Stimulate the penis to the point of ejaculation ② Stop stimulation until the excitement orgasm subsides; ③ Stimulate the penis again. ④ Repeat this many times until the man can tolerate a lot of stimulation without ejaculating. In addition, the scrotum stretching method can be used in conjunction with the lover to use the penis pinching method to reduce excitability, delay ejaculation, and have the effect of treating premature ejaculation.

No.2 The second attack of sex

After the first sex, the excitability of the male penis is reduced. If the erection of the penis is required immediately, it is easy to induce autonomic dysfunction, causing prostate congestion, loosening and dilation of the glands, and endangering the health of the prostate. Excessive sperm loss may also reduce the function of the anterior pituitary gland, increase the burden on the testicles, and accelerate male aging. Continuing the second sex will also make women's pelvic congestion for a long time, and it may even take 4-6 hours to subside. Over time, the lower abdomen is prone to bloating, pain, and even dysmenorrhea.

Therefore, sex should be moderate and not too frequent. According to the law of the influence of age on sexual ability, American scholars have summed up a "sex frequency formula"—sex frequency = tens of age × 9. That is, multiply the tens digit of your age by 9, and the tens digit of the product is the number of days a sex cycle lasts, and the ones digit is the expected frequency of sex. Take a man in his 30s as an example, 3 X 9=27, sex can be done 7 times in 20 days, once every three days. A 40-year-old can have sex 6 times in 30 days. Through the formula, we see that as the age increases, the number of men's sex is decreasing.

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney stores the essence, and the master seals it. Kidney essence is the driving force of the human body. Excessively frequent sex will consume the essential substances in a man's body. Insufficient kidney essence can not transform the kidney qi. The function of the body's internal organs is reduced, which is manifested as a decrease in male energy and physical strength. Some people experience neurological disorders such as fatigue, inattention, and memory loss. It is not advisable to continue the second sex after a one-time life. All organs need rest, and a combination of work and rest is necessary to enjoy a perfect sex life.

No.3 Lack of security measures

Men who are in love, don’t forget to take safety measures while enjoying perfect sex. Semen contains a large number of proteins, including dozens of specific antigens. The antigenic substance in the male semen reacts with the secretions of the female reproductive tract to produce corresponding anti-semen antibodies. The combination of antigen and antibody induces semen hypersensitivity. If the woman has an allergic physique, intercourse without safety measures will often induce a series of allergic reactions, such as sudden chest tightness, vaginal burning sensation, and itching inclusions. Sometimes, the man who took some drugs (such as penicillin, etc.) or ate certain foods (such as peanuts) before sex may also cause women's allergies. More importantly, for unmarried sex partners, unsafe sex may lead to unintended pregnancy and cause unnecessary trouble for both parties. Even a couple may not know whether the other's private parts contain certain viruses or bacteria. Using unsafe sex is likely to plant dangerous seeds for health.

Male genitals have many skin wrinkles, strong sweat secretion, large flexibility, and difficult to clean. In addition, the perineal area is poorly breathable. If there is no good cleaning habit, the male perineum will form a hygienic dead corner and become a place for bacteria and other breeding. It will not only bring genital diseases to men, but also make sexual partners the victims of various gynecological diseases. . Therefore, you should pay attention to personal hygiene during sex, carefully clean your private parts before sex, and take necessary safety measures during sex. Not only can you clean your body, increase the satisfaction of both parties during sex, but also promote the blood circulation of the perineum and prevent sexual dysfunction. And other diseases play a certain therapeutic role.

No.4 Insufficient foreplay

Women's sexual desire is slow and weaker, and sexual excitement appears later. Therefore, if foreplay is lacking in sexual life, it is generally difficult for the man to touch the woman, and it may also cause insufficient secretion of accessory gonad fluid and fail to provide lubrication. However, rude movements can easily cause the woman to resent or cause pain. Generally, about 15 minutes of foreplay is appropriate.

Sex can change from time to time. Unchanging sex is boring. You need to keep innovating to keep it fresh. In fact, there are many commonly used daily necessities around us, which can be used as sex props. Using them can not only add points to sex, but also make it feel more beautiful.

First, light a candle to create an atmosphere.

The survey shows that women are more likely to be emotional when men create an atmosphere specifically for them, and women also like to provoke men by creating an atmosphere. Lighting a candle is a favorite way for both men and women to create an atmosphere. It can not only increase romance, but also bring each other's body and mind closer, and under the shining of the candle, both the body and mind are more relaxed and the body contours are more moving. Both parties can enjoy sex more happily. Candles with orange and lavender scents are the best choice. The essential oils contained in them can reduce anxiety and make people happy.

Second, drink a glass of red wine with a variety of styles.

Women who drink some red wine can show their charm and sexiness just right, and men prefer to see women's amorous feelings after drinking. One is affectionate, the other is intentional. A woman's face is like a peach blossom so charming, and the man's eyes are naturally full of desire. Red wine not only allows women to retain some of the shyness of sex, but also fulfills their due diligence and unrestrainedness.

Third, wear a bath towel to get out of the bath sexy.

Some surveys show that women wrapped in bath towels are more likely to arouse men’s sexual urges. Women may wish to take a short shower before sex, which not only maintains hygiene, but also allows men to gradually arouse desire while waiting. When he sees you wrapped in a bath towel in a sexy bath and flicking your wet hair, he is probably too anxious to stop.

Fourth, buy a blindfold and play romantic games.

During foreplay, you can let the other party lie on the bed, put a blindfold on him, and then do some small gestures on him, such as kissing. Since he can’t see you and doesn’t know where the next part you kiss will be, the stimulus will be stronger; or, you can write on the sensitive part of the other person and let him guess. This kind of romantic little game not only makes Sex is more interesting, and it is also conducive to enhancing mutual feelings.

Fifth, spread a blanket and massage each other.

May wish to temporarily transform the bedroom into a massage room, where husband and wife massage each other and push essential oils, which can induce and enhance libido. Generally speaking, women’s ears, neck, inner thighs, underarms, breasts, nipples and other parts are the most sensitive. Husbands can press on the back of their fingers. The movements should be gentle and slow to arouse sexual excitement.

Sixth, take a mandarin duck bath before sex

Taking a mandarin duck bath can not only cleanse the body, make the skin smooth and moisturized, and make people look more radiant, but also relax the body and mind. Embracing your lover in the water, let the other's tenderness and body temperature gradually penetrate the whole body, each pore is fully expanded, and you can breathe freely, and the pressure and troubles in the daily life can be released instantly. Couples bathing together can also enhance the relationship and improve the quality of sex. When bathing, you can gently caress each other's body, chat, and scrub each other's backs. After a gentle warmth, you can perform a full-body massage to make each other's body and mind more comfortable. The soft light in the bathroom can easily outline the curves of the human body, which can arouse the impulse of intimacy of lovers. Touching the sensitive parts of the other party is also best for foreplay.

Seventh, install a mirror to increase sexual excitement.

Would you like to know what each other’s looks like during sex? Would it be more exciting if you can see yourself? You might as well install a mirror in the bedroom, preferably facing the bed, you can observe and re-recognize each other’s bodies during sex, and increase excitement . Studies have shown that women who look in the mirror are more likely to achieve orgasm. Looking at the two fiery curves in the mirror when you are passionate, you and his wild and confused expressions, is there any crazier and bolder stimulant than this?

In the foreplay of your love and my wish, both sides have a good warm-up, creating conditions for the next step to enjoy a wonderful sex life.

No.5 Improper posture

If you want to enjoy a perfect sex life, you must master the correct posture. Adopting the correct posture can not only increase sexiness, but also stimulate both parties to orgasm. Some can also achieve the purpose of eugenics and disease prevention and treatment. Some sexual dysfunction and non-ejaculation are related to improper posture. For those who do not have ejaculation, the female upper position can be used for females with cold sex, the lateral position can be used for premature ejaculation, and the 69 position can be used for those with lack of orgasm. The traditional posture is male, but keeping the same posture every time you have sex, it is easy for your sex partners to get bored. Changing the body position frequently and reasonably can stimulate the sexual excitement of both parties, increase physical pleasure, and promote psychological harmony.

Improper position during sex can cause too much effort on one side of the waist, which may cause back pain, and even cause pelvic floor and gluteal muscle spasm, and then cause erectile function or ejaculation dysfunction. Especially obese people have poor physical flexibility and flexibility and are more prone to problems. Therefore, the fatter party should be at the bottom as much as possible. If both husband and wife are heavier, consider the side position. In addition, patients with heart disease can be in a sitting or semi-sitting position, and infertility (posterior uterus) can be in a thoracic and knee position.

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