By 2015, the global pet care industry will be worth $202.6 billion, with technology, or pet tech, accounting for a significant portion of it. IDTechEx's market research backs up this trend, predicting that the global pet wearables market will be worth $2.6 billion this year.

In reality, the GPS-based pet wearable market in the United States was priced at $180 in 2015, a figure that is only expected to grow.

69 percent of millennials, according to Wakefield Analysis, are likely to use apps to keep track of their pets. Furthermore, a growing number of people use apps and wearables to monitor their pets' health and activity levels, as well as their diet, playtime, immunisation schedules, vet appointments, and a variety of other daily needs.

As you can see, there is a sizable market waiting to be addressed by skilled app developers. There is undeniably a lot of money to be made in the pet care software creation industry. This is not to suggest, however, that the opportunity is without competition. There are already major players launching intuitive new applications to make life easier for pets and their owners. However, there is plenty of space for creativity and expansion.

Consistency is essential to pets, which is why this is such a lucrative opportunity. You're more likely to have a wide base of loyal customers if you can create an app that really fills a void in pet care and helps pet owners find long-term value in your app, because if they and their pets get happy with it, they're more likely to stick around.

What you'll need, though, is to be extremely resourceful and inventive. You must identify a genuine problem and then devise a solution that is superior to that of others. If you're up for the challenge, here are some basic steps and best practises to help you create a genuinely profitable pet care app that keeps your customers and their pets happy.

Find out the real problem and trace out the innovation solution for it
If you're a pet owner, you've probably taken plenty of notes on the subject. If you aren't, spending a lot of time with a friend who is will help. Of course, there's always social media, market analysis, polls, and expert insights to help you come up with your big idea, but some first-hand experience never hurts.

There are three types of apps that can be made: apps for pet owners, apps for veterinarians, and apps for companies that market pet products.

Apps for pet owners should seek to provide services that make pet ownership more convenient. They may be applications.

Help them interact with the best vet in their region

Assist them in keeping track of the pet's vaccines, clinic appointments, grooming schedules, and other important information.

Assist them in finding pet sitters, dog walkers, and other volunteer-based programmes.

Using a microphone and speaker, assist them in connecting to smart devices to remotely control pets, track their location, dispense treats, or even talk to pets while they are away.

What could be the features

Vets and companies could use branded apps to attract, interact, and inform pet owners about their services.

Veterinarians may use software to keep track of their patients' health records and send updates to their owners, making it easier for them to remain faithful to their veterinarian.

Pet care companies, such as pet supplies, boarding and grooming, and other services, may use apps to help handle their customers and improve loyalty. Apps like scheduled pet food delivery, grooming appointment scheduling, notifications and confirmations, marketing apps, and more could help them achieve this.

There are plenty of other ideas you might come up with on your own, but the above is a good place to start when considering how to improve your app. Puppr, a new kind of pet finder app that uses high-quality facial recognition for dogs, and Finding Rover, a new kind of pet finder app that uses high-quality facial recognition for pets, are two examples of super innovative applications. It allows you to upload a missing pet's picture and search the lost and found database for a match, allowing you to locate your pet.

The trick is to identify a problem, of which there are many, and devote all of your creativity to figuring out how to solve it with creative technology.

Concentrate on design

It's important to note that the same people who will use your pet care app will also use other popular apps like Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, and others on a daily basis. As a result, you're basically competing with any other app that the user uses on a regular basis in terms of the user experience you can provide. It might sound like comparing apples to oranges, but that's because user expectations are so high.

So pay close attention to how you craft your app and don't settle for anything less than perfection. Every app's success is dependent on design thinking. When it comes to pet care apps, consumers can be a bit more sentimental, and their willingness to spoil their pets can translate into apps that are incredibly well crafted, as they'd settle for nothing less than the finest. So make sure your apps have pet-friendly colours, plenty of fun pictures, simple navigation, and smooth interfaces. Ensure that every time the customer uses the app, she feels like she is doing something good for her pets.


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