"Sentiment is a mundane thing, but it can upgrade your life." Sexual life is indispensable in daily married life. As the saying goes, "a woman thirty is like a wolf and forty is like a tiger" to describe a woman's marriage after marriage. In terms of sex life, married women are more mature, more stable, and more attractive, but in terms of sex life, is it really 30 like a wolf and 40 like a tiger?

Increased sex hormone levels

The highest age of men's sex hormone levels is around the age of twenty, when men's sexual desire is also the strongest. But the opposite is true for women. Female hormones will gradually decrease when women reach the age of 30, but the decrease in testosterone secretion is relatively slow, and the sexual desire in this age group is more vigorous. Therefore, some people once said that "for sexual harmony and happiness, a 20-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman should be married."

In addition, after the age of 40, women are the last time to conceive, and the genitals will reach orgasm, which is also the main reason for the high sexual desire of women in the age of 40-50.

Fake orgasm

According to the survey, only 30% of women said they had experienced high C in the vagina, and 30% of women admitted that they had pretended to have high chao during sex.

Men are always studying how to extend their sexual intercourse time, and on Google, the number of searches for "how to make boyfriend reach high chao faster" and "high chao slower" is roughly the same. In fact, the most common concern among women about orgasm is not when it will happen, but why it doesn't.

about work

Most women have a family after the age of 30 and have children. Sexy beauties have higher expectations for life when they have a happy marriage and a smooth career, so they may spend more energy to create a happy life. It also includes sex. Of course, some women who have stronger sexual desires after the age of 30 may also be caused by the pressure of family and work, so they may be eager to relieve pressure through sex.

About size

Do women care about the size of their penis? Judging from Google searches, they really don't care much. The ratio of the number of times women searched for their partner's penis problem to the number of times men searched for it is about 1:170.

Of course, in the few cases where women are dissatisfied with their partner’s penis, the size is often involved, but not necessarily because they think it is small (although they often praise each other’s size in front of their partners). More than 40% of complaints about the size of a partner’s penis are that it is too big. "Pain" is the most common word that people search for "during intercourse" on Google.

Postpartum vaginal relaxation has been restored

Most 30-year-old women have a loose vagina after giving birth, which leads to unsatisfied sex during sex. Therefore, some women may use some methods to regain their sexual happiness. The exercise of the pubococcygeus muscle is one of them. After being able to have a normal sex life, the desire may be stronger.

Regardless of whether a woman has a strong sexual desire after marriage, she should have sex in a reasonable way. When situations arise, husbands and wives should communicate more and be considerate to each other.

How to stimulate orgasm between the two

During foreplay, two people can touch each other’s private parts to achieve the best state of their private parts. They can also stimulate orgasm through sex toys, such as buying a vibrator or flea stimulation. The woman’s vagina, let it be moist enough so that we will be less uncomfortable and more comfortable during sex. If your sex skills are not good, then you can buy a real sex doll to practice your sex skills. There are many types and styles of dolls now. You can choose according to the type you like. If you like young ones, you can choose a teen sex doll, or some people like some small videos of family incest, then this time is fine. Choose mature sex doll, or you are an otaku who likes to watch anime, then anime sex doll, or lolita sex doll is the most suitable candidate for him.

I hope that reading this article can help you make you and your significant other have a happy sex life.