When couples live, some people get more and more prosperous, and their relationship gets better and better; some couples get more and more boring, their relationship disappears bit by bit during the quarrel, and finally they end up in dissolution. The reason is that many people don't even know the five tips for couples to make more and more love!

What are these five techniques?

Hugs after returning home

Many couples feel embarrassed, especially older couples. Young couples feel normal to hug and hug. Once they have children, the couple will become shy and will no longer express their love so directly.

In fact, after a day of work and life, the man feels very tired, and the burden on the woman’s shoulders is not light. If two people hug each other after returning home, the fatigue of the man will be reduced and the woman will feel relieved.

Moreover, a husband and wife hug is to let the child feel the love between parents and mother, and it is also good for the growth of the child.

Caring communication and communication

Many women like to let men guess their own thoughts, but women's thoughts are always unpredictable for men, so it is inevitable to guess wrong, women are sad, and men bother.

The husband and wife are busy with work during the day and there is no time for communication at all, but after returning home, if they still neglect to communicate and communicate, the relationship between husband and wife will become weaker and weaker.

After returning home, if two people tell each other about interesting or depressing things around each other, it can also promote the understanding of the husband and wife, and the relationship will get better and better.

Couple life before going to bed

You don’t need to have this every day, just a few times a week. The perfect couple can't do without the nourishment of sex, a marriage without sex is too sad, and the relationship breaks faster.

But for couples who have a healthy life as a couple, the relationship is generally maintained very well.

Hug afterwards

Living a married life must not be like a routine, especially if a man lights up a cigarette afterwards, he or she falls asleep and doesn't care about his wife's feelings at all.

This makes it easy for a woman to feel that you only touch her to solve your physical needs, not because you love her.

Afterwards, when a woman needs comfort most, you only need to give her a short hug to make her feel that the sex between you is born of love, not venting, and then the woman will love you more.

Sleeping position of couple

Before going to bed, it is the best time for couples to develop their relationships. Women are more sentimental. If you lie down and turn your back to her, she will feel whether you have done something wrong again, or you are tired of her. Women want to fall asleep in the generous arms of men.

Sleeping in a hug and feeling each other's heartbeat can also make each other more at ease. Although the two people will automatically separate when they fall asleep, a hug before going to bed is still essential.

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