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Baccarat online game Online slot games Roulette Cononline And dice online Especially the latter game is considered to be even more popular because it is a game that can be played easily.Nook Sanan, and it is also a popular game from the past as well.Which is now dice online has changed to be one of the most popular games in Online casinosAnd it is another noteworthy game for making money as well, which in terms of playing Sic Bo is a game calledThis creates a great color for the players because this game in the past needed to sit and relax in a circle, play with a large group of people.Or friends, dice games are nothing, which can bring great color and laughter to the players.Characteristics of playing dice online played in online casinos.It is a type of play that is not the same as playing dice that we know each other.Which, by playing like that, we can listen to the sound of the dice Especially those who always playUntil proficient will listen to the sound of the dice out That if there is a sound like this, which face will the dice appear But in terms of playing Sic Bo online, it is the nature of playing that we have to make a bet.Before shaking the dice Also, shaking has to be a shaker, so we can't hear the sound of the dice like playing dice.It's our home style, so today it's not the most unusual or the techniques will change to be necessary.For that reason, let's take a look at the way to make dice for money.Toot method As a play out, it is imperative that we need to post it and also need to look at the possibility of Moreover, to play in this way, we need to observe.In the previous game, what is the highest dice that draws the highest score and after that, we will follow that point.Including to act With the lower number, like 5 last game, issued 6 numbers 4 times, followed by the number below 3 out 3 Around for this reason we choose toot with points 3 or points 6.Favorite approach Which from approach 1 Let us change the style of play to objection play by giving us the most power of number 6 because From the nature of the game in the way 1 has the opportunity to issue 6 points.Guidelines for stabbing the bodyIt is a hi-lo bet, the only thing and only that we need to wait for the stepdaughter, need to look at the chart as well.What is the result of the design at that time? If the result is not a constant catch, for example, tall, long orLong lows, we don't deserve to play Because he had a lot of chances of missing out, but if the results were close 2-3The eyes can go up so that we can stab it high. This method will make us make a lot of money.