Office 365 empowers teamwork and content collaboration through a variety of services.

Imagine this ... You work for Contoso Electronics and are part of the launch team for its flagship product, the X1050. You and your team members need a collaborative space where you can share and work on content.

This is where Microsoft teams come into play. As a day-to-day teamwork center, Teams have a variety of features that the X1050 team can benefit from, such as:

  • Communication is driven by instant messaging and audio/video chat
  • Live meetings and on-demand recordings
  • Integrations with Office 365 apps such as Planner as well as third-party services
  • Mobile app for on-the-go teamwork

Sharing, channels, and chat

Channels are used for focused conversations and collaboration surrounding a given topic, which, in this scenario, is the go-to-market plan for the XT1050. Britney, your manager, put you in charge of delivering the XT1050 go-to-market presentation.

Microsoft Teams and Planner

This lightweight task management tool is a separate service within Office 365, but it’s tightly integrated with Teams. You create a new tab within your channel and connect with Planner.

Setting up a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Back to the Teams. Your team members reviewed the presentation, and you are now ready to present the final version. By integrating with Exchange Online, you have set up an appointment.

The meeting will be automatically added to your calendar because you are the organizer, but other participants will manually do it. The event preview contains a clickable option. Easy!

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