It is a furniture storage serviceOne of the basic services that cannot be dispensed with because it helps to protect all pieces from damage and damage to which they are exposed, this is done by providing warehouses and stores with large areas that help protect pieces of luggage and furniture in order to ensure the provision of complete protection for the pieces from scratching or breakage.

The best furniture storage company

Our company relies on trained workers who have great experience in the service of loading and storing pieces inside warehouses with large areas for all luggage pieces, many customers turn to this service if he wants to move from one place to another in order to preserve all the furniture without causing him any damage or damage Due to the presence of insects and rodents, we have provided you with safe stores that help to take care of the furniture.

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The most important characteristic of furniture storage warehouses

  • It is characterized by good ventilation and is one of the essential elements that help protect the furniture from the fluctuations in the weather, if the temperature is high or the rain is heavy.
  • There are also surveillance cameras inside and outside the warehouses that help in preserving all parts in order to avoid the amount of losses that occur due to fires and natural disasters.
  • We can also follow up on furniture and luggage packaging by using the best materials that preserve them during the transition period if they are exposed to shocks.
  • Also, we can disinfect the warehouses from all kinds of insects and rodents and eliminate them through the use of insecticides in order to help protect the pieces so that no harm or damage occurs to them.
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The importance of luggage storage warehouses

Warehouses are considered safe places that help to store parts and protect them from the damage that they are exposed to, and they are of a high degree of confidence, and have floors free of cracks and holes so as not to cause any harm to the pieces during the storage phase, at nominal prices appropriate with all groups