Certified educator salary schedules include teachers, certified instructional support and school based administrators. All certified educators working in local education agencies are required to be paid from the legislated salary schedule. This schedule is approved annually by the general assembly and sets a minimum pay based on the educators years of experience and education level. As a supplement to these monthly amounts, a lea may approve additional funds to the educator to account for variances such as geographic location, market conditions or school demographics.

Independent public schools (ips - charter schools, lab schools, regional schools, and the innovative school district) may follow the state salary schedules or determine their own. Effective october 1, 2012, athens state university became an autonomous institution governed by its own board of trustees. Prior to that date, the university operated as the only upper-level institution in the alabama community college system and was governed by the state board of education. Moving to a self-governed public university, athens state had the opportunity to develop a salary schedule more in line with other public universities in the state of alabama and more competitive in the job market. As a member of the alabama community college system, the university was bound by a rigid, step structured salary schedule approved by the state board of education. To collect comparable data, the university made the decision to use higher education salary survey data collected by cupa-hr .

Teachers, school administrators, and non-teaching positions in nc school districts are employed by local boards of education but are paid on a state salary schedule based on a number of factors. In addition to the state salary, a local supplement may be provided by the school district. Some public school employees may also receive compensation, or longevity pay, for continuing service.

In order to obtain data comparable to competitors and like universities, athens state identified peer institutions using specific criteria to which our salaries would be compared. The university’s practice since the fall of 2012 has been to periodically pull salary data using the approach discussed previously and benchmark our salaries to those of peer institutions. Faculty and staff employed prior to october 1, 2012, had the option to remain on the old salary schedule or move to the new salary schedule , whichever was the most advantageous to the employee. Employees hired after october 1, 2012, would be under the new salary schedule . This page contains information about the state minimum salary schedule for classroom teachers, full-time librarians, full-time counselors, and full-time registered nurses. Attachment "A" - list of budget codes and their required licensure areas for salary calculation purposes.

Under the new salary schedule, employees will select the category that applies to their specific salary band, and access the tables by clicking on that specific link. The actual tables include مواعيد الرواتب bands that correspond to specific cupa codes. The tables include minimums and maximums as well as the mid-point for each salary band. Under the old salary schedule, employees can click on the link under old salary schedule tables and scroll through to the salary table that applies to their specific employee class. In order that we can offer the best possible service and process all extra payments sent to us, please ensure that all amendments are with us no later than 12 noon on the 16th of every month unless otherwise stated. This procedure will result in a total of thirteen payrolls for each calendar year, with the last payroll covering salary due till the end of the year.

This is used by administrative staff in the leas for coding personnel in the school systems. The office of the chancellor, systemwide human resources, is the official distributor of the csu salary schedule. As a result, the csu will not be held responsible for any salary schedule amendment or pay letter update other than those initiated by the office of the chancellor. Questions regarding the salary schedule can be forwarded to your campus’ human resources department or systemwide human resources. Section 21.401 of the tec specifies that an educator employed under a 10-month contract must provide a minimum of 187 days of service, unless the furlough program, as stated under section 21.4021, is implemented. The salary tables listed below include both the new salary schedule tables as well as the old step salary schedule tables.

The mission of usd 443 is to prepare our students to be capable, contributing participants in a changing world. Nc public school personnel state salary manual contains complete legislative salary information and state board of education salary policies. The following are the recruitment supplements funded at the state level.