The Document Management Software is an automated software mainly used for manage, control and organize documents throughout an organization. The 90% of organizations are using DMS software for their business organization. The DMS incorporates documents and content capture, workflow, document repositories, COLD / ERM, and output systems, and information retrieval systems. The important use of Document Management System is track, Store and control documents. The Document Management Software enhance high level security which keeps all company documents in one secure central location.


The main key features are improved efficiency which saves time. Gives automated electronic records disposition , Gives effective management of physical and electronic records, a Centralized repository for secure online document storage, preferable customizable dashboards, and easy e- Signature approval process, with automated business process work flow and have ability to collaborate, share, and socialize content. We can take control or monitor who is working on what when, which and team's activity without chasing them.


  • DOCUMENT MANGEMENT - Document management main use is to create and store documents. In this can perform check in and check out. Can upload bulk files in any formats even images and videos. Will perform customize, control and manage dashboards.
  • RECORD MANAGEMENT - The record library is maintained here which give easy access for future references and also for quick problem solving. The access is given only on their role based and it is maintained in a very secure way. And it has disposition and retention schedules.
  • WORK FLOWS - It reminds and helps very usefully in task management and give easy user interface of control to workspace management. And it also very useful in for graphical designer and metadata sets.
  • TEAM COLLABORATION MANAGEMENT- In this we can see the components of the calendar management, team space, online chat, forum, poll list, meetings and help in task assignment.


Document Management software is a 100% web based which enables to quickly, efficiently and securely manage documents of any type. Can share the documents with highest security, track their reviews and comments. Enables quick and advanced search of documents. The DMS makes documents publishing and managing process simple and standardized. Check-in and check-out and locking to coordinate the simultaneous editing of a document and so one person's changes don't overwrite another person. Audit trail perform the reconstruction of who did what to a document during the course of its life in the system. The Roll back to activate a prior version in case of an error or early access. Mainly the DMS softwareboost the productivity with tools that the work we do. It gives business grade security with hassle free management. Exchange of large files is easy in a secure way.

It helps to restrict who can view, access and edit the confidential documents with secured permission controls. It gives a light fast searching and results. Digital document storage access is enabled. It has Microsoft office and outlook integration. Annotations, the annotate pdf with hyperlinks, text, sketches and complex binary objects are accessible.


A fully managed services offering cloud document management at its best, offering high level security and compliance all the way to user's devices while maintaining simplicity and ease of access.

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