The Discovery SMR ground scanner enables you to identify anomalies, treasures and cavities underground and to create 3D analyzes of the subsurface. With the resistivity function, you can see underground tunnels, old graves and cavities at even greater depths. Thanks to the simple operation of the Discovery SM, you can carry out an analysis of the subsoil before you start digging without wasting too much time. The Discovery SMR is built to detect larger metallic objects such as treasure chests, gold and silver, cavities and tunnels. With the resistivity function, cavities of all kinds are discovered at even greater depths. The scan images can be read on the integrated color display, which means that it is no longer necessary to have a tablet or smartphone with you. When folded up, the Discovery SMR can be safely transported in the supplied case. Thanks to the multilingual user interface, the device can be used in many different languages.