In June 2020, Apple introduced iOS 14, the latest update. The update includes significant changes like design changes, interface modifications, app updates, and the addition of a few other features. Some of the updates are quite unique to Apple, including widget support, Smart Stack feature, and many new customizations. Let us see those updates in detail.

Know Everything about iOS 14 Updates

The first noticeable change in iOS 14 update is the App Library. This interface helps to add apps to the home screen or in the library. The Siri interface and phone call will no longer cover the entire screen. If you are a FaceTime user, you will love the Picture-in-Picture mode introduced.

App updates

Apps in iOS 14 come with new updates or even drastic changes. Some of the top changes to note are:

Siri comes with keyboard dictation and the ability to send your audio messages through the internet.

App Clips help to use apps’ features without the need for downloading the app to your device. For instance, by scanning the code, you can make a reservation or make any purchase without the app.

The Message App allows you to pin conversation to the top. You can also find a new feature, the inline replies. This feature helps you to reply to a singular message while in a group chat.

While talking about group chat, Apple has the @mention feature to mute a specific group and receive notifications only when your username appears in any of the messages.

Moreover, the group chat photo customization is possible with emoji or image.

The Memoji feature provides you new stickers, headwear, age options, face covering, and other facial structures.

Apple Watch now has support for Health Checklist and Sleep Tracking.

Weather App provides next-hour precipitation notification, extreme weather updates, and others.

Third-party accessories and product support is an additional add-on for your Find My App.

You can set a third-party browser or email app as your default setting.

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