It is fun to boast of his father's wealth when that wealth is yours and when you boast of your pride, but only good words make men kings. There are streets where you don't walk, there are cities where there is no chaos, and you need a certain degree to get Attitude Shayari high in life. In a city where people are kings, only the best words can make you king.

I also meet every person who smiles at me, but I am also so innocent that I do not put everyone off. Wherever I live, I show generosity, teach the good for the best and teach myself.

Likewise, for a good career, it is necessary to determine one's attitude from the very beginning. My lifestyle is a bit different but it has nothing to do with my liver. I live on my own stubbornness, not hope; I step where there is no way, and live there.

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I do not know what will happen to all of them, but I understand your wishes and I have my own existence. There is no mirror and there will be times when I will adapt if that is not possible. I'm learning to live without my head held high, I'm learning that bad times don't change no matter how bad the situation.

I don't like being famous, but what do I do when people see my personality? Come brother, listen to Abe, it is no less for me to die than for you, and I am not the one who burns the others.