Casino game app is the third most popular game around the globe and is also the highest paying card game in the wen world. So, with Rummy game app development, anyone in the world would be launching the highest played card game for smartphones. Rummy is an Indian card game and played with a set of cards under the category of the draw and discard card games.

In Africa, the rise in use of mobile has facilitated an increase in casino game development. It may not replace the ambience and hospitality by the casinos, but it offers a platform for the player to keep on playing. Many hotels and casinos in Africa were closed down because of the pandemic thus separating the player from their choice of platform.

Rummy Game Development in Africa

The Rummy game app development is becoming the first choice of Africans due to the following reasons –

  • Online gaming and casinos in Africa are rising and establishing competition in the online sector after the situation of the pandemic.
  • The process of rummy software development is quite simple and the users can simply sign-up and register and start playing the game. The rummy game app development gives an amazing experience and the users actually come back for additional features.
  • Teen Patti game software development and playing online rummy involves money and the users are expecting to win real money from the game application. They can access their earned money easily and all the payment options are available to them for utmost convenience.

Online Rummy Marketing Statistics

The rummy game app development industry has seen immense growth in the past few years. As the reach of mobile gaming is extensive in terms of demography and geography, the industry is currently at INR 2000 crores and expected to grow by 34% each year. In the upcoming two to three years, the casino game development industry and smartphone industry will grow simultaneously. If the base of smartphone users are increasing 3 times then the players of online rummy will increase by minimum 10 times in the next 5 years.