Summary: Selecting the correct safety harness is an indispensable task – your life depends on it. With an array of styles and configurations available, there are few things to bear in mind before you invest in your new harness.

Work-at-height indicates a plethora of tasks to workers across different verticals. If your work requires you to climb scaffold towers; and building a temporary platform or stage, or you are consumed in the offshore drilling market and require features designed for derrick work, you need a copper-bottomed Fall Protection Harness that allows you to focus on your work; and is comfortable for all-day endurance.

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Harness

  • Professional VS Sport

The purpose of your harness makes a world of difference when deciding which one to pick. For recreational purposes and professional work, your harness requirement will differ. Seat harness is the go-to option in rope courses.

Professional and Sport harnesses have distinct features for carrying specific gear leaning more towards the anchor, belays, and carabiners. Without an iota of doubt, it is crucial to start your research keeping this in mind.

  • D- Ring Attachment Points

It is paramount to have an attachment point located on the back between the shoulder blades for fall arrest applications. The dorsal (back) D-ring is the connection point that attaches your self-retracting lifeline or safety lanyard. The fundamental aspect before you buy a Crowd Management Barriers or harness is – quality.

Apart from this, side D-rings which is near the worker's waist is required for positioning applications. You will require a frontal attachment D-ring if you plan to climb a ladder. And you will need shoulder D-ring attachment points that are used for upright retrieval.

  • Scour for Adjustability

Regardless of the duration, you need to wear the harness – comfort is the key to produce efficient work in it. Your focus should be on the quality and fit of the protection harness. Therefore, make sure to look for adjustability in your safety harness buckles and straps.

  • Budget

Budget is another pivotal factor to consider. Even if you have a small pocket-size, do not adjust with a low-quality product. Top-of-the-line models offer unique and high-quality features at competitive prices. Keep in mind this point if you are mulling to buy Retractable Crowd Control Pole Barrier as well.

Also, make sure to search for companies that offer OSHA compliance at economical prices to keep your workers safe and acquire a product that is a bang for your bucks.