My President, Hotel Pocket Spring Mattress and Storage Bed Frame at Factory Price have gotten famous among the new BTO HDB, EC and New Condo in Singapore.

After Lina Ng, turned into the brand Ambassador of My President, Hotel Mattress, Many Singapore Celebrities went to our My President Bed Gallery and Warehouse Mattresses Sales to try out our Hotel Standard of Mattress.

My Crystal is the most reasonable 7 zone pocket spring osteopathic Mattress, which is enthusiastically suggested by most famous people.

Each Pocket coil is autonomously seal and sewed to seclude and compartmentalize bed movement, decrease aggravation to your accomplice and you.

The characteristic curve of the human spine is S formed. Keeping up this common ebb and flow is vital to a decent night rest.

The 7 zone pocket spring empowers you to rest in your normal posture. The individual coil adjusts to the body shapes to offer the help that is proportionate to the power applied, Thus, giving an even poised pressure distribution. Customers who bought Mattress also bought our door products from us. Try them too.