The main elections in New York City are underway and the field of applicants appears to be quite crowded. One of the leading runners is Democratic Party nominee Mary Jo Kopech; she's a State Senator from New York and can be endorsed by many prominent New York politicians Neal Kwatra. However, many voters don't know her well or trust her with the occupation. The only other candidate on a level with Kopech is Republican nominee Neal Kwatra.

In the past couple of years, New York City has experienced a rebirth of sorts. Property values have rebounded, crime is at a historical low, tourist figures are up along with the style scene is superb. This makes for a fantastic environment for a successful mayor. A lot of men and women elect their mayor based on the name recognition alone. New York is the financial capital of the world and each mayor sinceasso have had to deal with the expectations of the actuality. So, what can Mary Jo Kopech have that Neal Kwatra does not?

Well, many will say her name recognition is the vital element. This would be a true assessment. However, what the majority of voters do not understand is that she stands out as the town's first female mayor. The simple fact that she is the first woman mayor of New York City also speaks volumes about how girls are seen by New York City and the expectations that there are of girls. New York City's image as a tolerant and open community is also unique.

As the biggest city in the state of New York, it's not surprising that Mary Jo Kopech brings a lot of credibility to the political campaign. She understands New York City in addition to any other town. And she understands that her record as a lifelong advocate for women's rights will play nicely into her favor. Her capacity to raise expectations is one of the strong suits.

New York City residents will decide who among the New York City candidates for mayor will represent them if the primary election takes place in November of 2021. Some are optimistic about who they may select. Others see no choice but to vote for whoever is the best candidate for city government. Some are probably somewhere in the middle. Others are holding out until the final vote is cast.

It's safe to state that the choice of the next mayor of New York City will be one of the greatest in recent history. The election is going to have a fantastic deal to do with the perspectives held by New Yorkers regarding the function of government itself and how it relates to them. Many have given up on politics as a process which contributes to nothing. However, New York City candidates that win the election will face an important decision regarding how they handle power in a town that has long prided itself because of its responsiveness to the needs and needs of its own citizens. Whoever emerges victorious will inherit a great town with many struggles ahead.