We started back in 2017 with a simple goal. Grow healthy plants, year round in-house. Therefore, leading to the simplest hydroponic system that helps anyone effortlessly grow their own fresh vegetables & fruits. Most of the people wonder why they are not able to lose weight even after they follow a strict exercise and diet routine. The main reason for this trend is that most of the healthy food options are not really healthy as they seem. Most of them contain higher quantities of sugars and salt and hidden fats, which indirectly curbs one’s weight loss efforts. The major goal of losing weight is about tipping the balance of kilojoules in and out. For those who are really looking forward to losing weight, the most important regimen is to resort to organic vegetables and fruits. Organic stores in Hyderabad are now proven to be highly effective in managing the weight of its people, mainly because they are grown through hydroponic technique without incorporating fertilizers and pesticides.