Integration is now all we love; we want everything in one place. Be it education, or the grocery list, everything available at one roof is always preferred. one touch, plenty of services sounds cool, right? Yes, all you just have to do is a touch, and you can get services from baby-sitting to courier delivery, plumbing and repairs, all under one app. but there’s something cooler than this; how about you being the provider of all these services? Being a competitive business in the market? Sounds all fancy, right? But it’s all possible with the gojek clone app from UberEats like app.

Gojek clone script is a white-labelled app that comes with loaded features. its pre-loaded features are as follows,

Profile - users and services providers can share their information, facilitating communication.

Saved address - users and services providers can share their information, facilitating communication.

Schedule appointments - for those who need service on a regular basis, scheduling an appointment is a feature that comes in handy.

Booking records - if the need of consulting a previous booking comes up, the user or provider can check on the booking records.

Multiple payment methods - This app offers multiple payments such as card, cash or even payment directly through the app.

Rate card - The app will give a rate according to the service chosen, distance and other parameters.

Live tracking - real-time tracking of the service that arrives at the customer’s door

Sms/ email notifications - keeping the customer updated is important. Providers can send notifications and alerts to the user by SMS or email.

This doesn’t end here; there are customizable add-on features too, it can be added according to the demands of the customer, and those are as follows,

Corporate rides

Go on organizational trips and make an advance booking for office-going rides. Manage fares by sharing the invoice to employees of the company.

VoIP based call

Ensures security, privacy, and safety during conversations between drivers and users by masking the contact numbers of both drivers and customers.

Kiosk booking app

Allows tourists to book taxis or any other on-demand service from a user-friendly kiosk placed in your hotel. This will enhance the revenue of business.

Video streaming solution

Offers an online video streaming service that is loaded with features, providing a wide range of TV shows and movies.

Rental and outstation

Book a rental car for your personal or official purposes. Pay simply with an invoice at the end.

Advertisement banners

Keep earning passive money constantly through the gojek clone app with the help of advertisement banners post-signing contracts with interested companies.


Choosing clone scripts will be the apt choice if you are looking to enter into the grocery delivery business. With the Gojek Clone app, you can build your next big empire in the grocery delivery business segment.