The California housing market are currently reaching its peak point, after various market hit with pandemic, monetary changes, home shortage and record-low interest fee. This indicate that the real estate market are in a recovery position and the community of a Realtor California, Realtor Fresno CA and private businesses have joined forces to overcome several issues. Solid activity towards innovation and development are important to increase positive impact on houses for sale in Fresno CA.

Not to left behind the train, Linda Peltz (Realtor Clovis CA and Fresno Realtor) partner up with Julian Kelly (CEO of The Kelly Enterprise Business Consulting Group) to have their voices and action towards real estate innovation and development. They had the opportunity to be featured in live video discussing an approach of 3D Home Printing towards real estate industry and market.

As the Fresno Realtor and Business Consultant Group shared their perspective, the audience will gain nothing but important takeaway of property trends and real estate market, especially with 3D Home Printing solutions. Slide to their full conversation here:

The Purpose Behind 3D Home Printing

Julian Kelly introduce Linda to his vision behind 3D home printing project which could benefit real estate market as a whole, especially Realtor Clovis CA and Fresno Realtor. Kelly will back his decision towards 3D printing machines which can produce full fabricated building materials. Its something new in the industry, and these will bring huge value to the market. This immense innovation would offer a sustainable and efficient access to build houses and real estate.

With 3D home printing, most stakeholder of constructor, buyer, investor, could cut their operational cost and spend housing utilities in a more affordable way for a long term. Another benefit, is that 3D printing machine could initiate a fully manufactured house part in just a short period. When this project hit the market, a new history will be written and all real estate sector will positively respond to this. It is expected the technology would offer fabrication of less expensive material, swift construction, low risk of accident, affordable price for houses for sale in fresno ca and rapid development in real estate.

Aswell with notion of this 3D project, Julian Kelly believes it could drive overseas projects in future and could generate to his matchmade connection. Whenever all the patent wise are set, he will build the first 3D machine directly.

How Realtor Clovis CA Respond to This

The project will lead to a direct impact for Clovis Realtor and other stakeholder, as people could instantly get full size houses and property that's applicable to build with 3D printing. Realtor Fresno CA will also benefit by the fact that this project could generate the collective ecosystem and referral to extensive community in real estate market, for instance; private entity, goverment, a California Realtor , etc.

Any Realtor Clovis CA and Realtor Fresno CA would find it absorbing to see how the rapid development in real estate construction could be, aswell by the notion that property value could enhance in few period and importantly meets the buyer’s demand. Meanwhile, Fresno and Clovis still offers ample of available space for real estate construction, thats where 3D Home Printing could sneak in and help improve.

Linda Peltz, Clovis Realtor, was delighted with this 3D idea and she believes her realtor activities and other a California realtor will somehow take advantage to this aswell.

Learn more about this 3D Home Printing with direct discussion with Linda Peltz and Julian Kelly to uncover all opportunity in the upcoming real estate trends.


Linda Peltz: 559-353-4556 | [email protected]

Julian Kelly: 209-675-3045 | [email protected]